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Plimbare prin Varanasi, India – O lectie de viata si de moarte

Ziua de ieri a fost una dintre cele mai intense si interesante zile din viata mea. India, Varanasi, cel mai vechi oras din lume, un loc pe malul Raului Gange ce a atras inca din anul 500 iHr unele dintre cele mai antice religii si practici spirituale. Auzisem ca este destul de greu de digerat […]

Confidence, Self-Love and Non-Ego — Differeces and How to Achieve Them

True confidence, self- love and non-ego. I’ve heard  theories about this abstract subject for as long as I can remember. I’ve struggled with the subtle differences between them and I am trying my best to integrate them into my own reality. But let’s see now what are the real differences and levels of understanding for […]

Viata intre frica de monotonie si frica de schimbare

Sau cu alte cuvine. ce alegem intre siguranta si spectaculos? Ce alegem intre traire si responsabilitate? Riscam? Sau ne conformam? Noi oamenii, avem nenumarate scheme de gandire, credinte, frici si sisteme de aparare. Multe dintre acestea se trag inca de la inceputul timpurilor noastre, atunci cand vanam si eram in acelasi timp vulnerabili. Atunci am […]

Window Shopping in Ubud

As you may know, Ubud is heaven for the modern yogi.   Multiple yoga studios and sanctuaries, a looooot of vegan and healthy restaurants, art and numerous “spiritual clothing stores”, as I like to call them. Here, they are selling as a souvenir yoga mats and yoga mat bags 🙂 You know how Harry Potter […]

How my holiday in Bali transformed into a stay

Because dreams do come true And how not to freak out when they do come true?! Remember when I told you about one month ago, that I have just arrived in Bali with no plans whatsoever? Just with a return ticket after 30 days? In fact I had the intention to find a way to […]

Is a spiritual retreat an escape from reality? Or a step to a better one?

What is triggering us to go on such a journey? The desire to escape? Or to make things better? I was recently talking with a good friend of mine, Michael Dahdal from My Chi Journey. We were observing the different words that we chose to describe our wellbeing trips around the world. I am always […]

One month of Yoga in The Bahamas

#followyourdreams This is one of my greatest dreams, that started almost a year ago. To travel to The Bahamas, in order to become a yoga instructor. And beautiful dreams do come true, isn’t that what we are talking about on this blog? So, in exactly 6 days, I’ll be leaving in one of the most […]

Totul despre Mexic

Combinatia perfecta intre exotic si istorie incarcata spiritual. In acest articol va voi relata totul despre Mexic, din punctul meu de vedere. Ce trebuie sa stiti daca planuiti o vacanta in Riviera Maya Am fost prima oara in Mexic in 2012, impreuna cu un grup de doisprezece persoane, in luna martie. Aceasta vacantaa fost organizata […]