One month of Yoga in The Bahamas

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One month of Yoga in The Bahamas


This is one of my greatest dreams, that started almost a year ago. To travel to The Bahamas, in order to become a yoga instructor.

And beautiful dreams do come true, isn’t that what we are talking about on this blog?

So, in exactly 6 days, I’ll be leaving in one of the most important trips of mine.

It all started a year ago, when I have decided to make a living out of my greatest passions, travel & yoga.

At that time, I felt lost, because I had my own company and my daily activities were not giving me any pleasure, money were hardly coming. So I was having this feeling that I should find something else that I would really love, I knew somehow that everything else will be solved from that point on. And one day, I had the courage to decide that I should make a living out of my true passions, even though I was not able to know how at that moment.

The first step was this travel blog, this wonderful addition to my daily life:)

The second step, is becoming a certified yoga instructor.

One step at a time . . .

When I have decided to attend a teacher training course, I asked a friend with a lot of experience in this department and he recommended me  Sivananda Ashram. I then asked my hatha yoga instructor, a wonderful being who became my inspiration since day one. She also confirmed that this was a good choice for me. Sivananda has centres all over the world, but of course that I had to stay true to my calling so I chose an exotic place, the Bahamas paradise.

yoga in bahamas

Since that moment, slowly but surely, it all fell into place. . .

I had no money but now I do, I didn’t have the courage to go alone but now I do ( even though it’s no longer the case because someone decided to come along:P ). I even managed to buy a laptop so I can stay in touch with you guys. Everything unfold piece by piece, but only in the moments in which I was not forcing anything.

And now, almost a year later, I am standing here, with only 6 days left until the big departure:)

People are asking m if I am prepared. No, I am clearly not ready, but I don’t think that you should be for such an experience. I am positive and curious, I am just letting it all be.

I am encouraging you, dare to dream, because dreams do come true, through faith, work and synchronicity.

I will keep you posted, I am planning to keep a journal that maybe I will share with you about my experience with yoga in The Bahamas 🙂

The tag of this experience, and the future ones, is #followyourdreams because these are my dreams coming true. But they are coming true only because I pursued them, I believed in them and I gave them my energy.



I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around