How my holiday in Bali transformed into a stay

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How my holiday in Bali transformed into a stay

Because dreams do come true

And how not to freak out when they do come true?!

Tegalalang Rice Field

Remember when I told you about one month ago, that I have just arrived in Bali with no plans whatsoever? Just with a return ticket after 30 days?

In fact I had the intention to find a way to stay but it was more of a dream, without any idea of how I would make that happen.

If you have followed my path in the last year, you know that my dream is to live in an exotic place where I would progress as a human and spiritual being, and where I would also help others on this path, through yoga. I feel like, at least for the moment, this is what I am supposed to do. And almost a year ago, I gave up my business and all of my other activities and focused my energy in realising the dream. How? Through this blog and through a spiritual and mental practice.

Now, I am writing this article from my room in Ubud, in a small and peaceful resort that is built in the backyard of the famous Ketut Liyer, from the international bestseller Eat, Pray,Love. This is the place where I am working and living. In the same compound with Ketut and his whole family. I am truly living the Eat Pray Love story:)

What am I doing here? Well, what I love most: Writing, teaching yoga, organising retreats, taking photos and enjoying the beautiful experiences that this place offers me.

liyer house

How I got here?! I guess we can call it Bali Magic or just Synchronicity. Or a life’s goal.

Let’s start from our last conversation, I was in the South part of the island, enjoying sunsets together with my mother, who came along in this journey.

So I had an idea that I would like to work here, either as a yoga instructor, photographer, or as a social media manager and web developer. Or maybe just to have some collaborations as a travel blogger. Quite a vast field of activities, but I heard that it’s quite hard to get a job here. So before I arrived I have sent Cv’s and collaboration proposals, but without any luck. While we were in Sanur, we had a meeting about a possible yoga collaboration but nothing serious.

My mind was getting more and more stressed, because I was not used with having nothing planned for my trip. So this time, I have only booked hotels from one day to another, as we moved around. After 5 days into the trip, we saw Seminyak, Sanur and Uluwatu area.

I was eager to get to Ubud, because I knew that this place would fit my style better.

I was planning to stay at least for two weeks in Ubud area, so I had to find a guesthouse or a room to rent. But because I am very picky, I wanted something perfect, and I couldn’t find it.

So there I was, one hour before leaving towards Ubud, without knowing where we will go. So I took my computer, opened Booking and reserved three nights at a small guest house, that got my attention because it had a beautiful garden.

Two hours later, we saw our driver pulling in front of a modest entrance, and he started saying: “Ketut Liyer! Famous medicine man, Eat Pray Love!” . And I started saying: “No. please take us to our hotel! No Ketut Liyer!”. But this was our hotel!


I have always been very skeptic about all this story and I was pretty annoyed when I was seeing people taking pictures wit Ketut and posting them online. It was too commercial for my taste.

But this was our accommodation now, so I had to discover the real story by my own 🙂

We got out of the taxi and stepped into a small garden with statues, paintings and a lot of bird cages. This was the actual house of Ketut, the actual place where the movie was shot.


But there was no Ketut. I found out later, that Nyoman, his son, inherited the knowledge and the tools that this family has used for more than nine generations, in order to help and guide people all over the world. Ketut is 104 years old now and he is resting. People can no longer see him because it’s to tiring for him at this age.

As you go along the pathway, you step into a different compound, where a small hotel was built on a land that was owned by Ketut’s family. It is said that this whole area is blessed by him, in order to protect his house and all the members of the family.

You can truly feel the beautiful energy that it’s here, and people are drown to it, wanting nothing more than to relax.


My three nights passed really fast, and I was more and more stressed about not knowing my next step.

As a travel blogger with experience in social media, I noticed how their social and online marketing was a problem, so I had a ten minutes talk with the manager telling him what I could offer in exchange of accommodation. I could see how he did’t understand what I was saying.

So I got a little frustrated and started looking again for he perfect place to move. As I was sitting in the garden with my laptop, a friendly local came, and we started talking about the beautiful Balinese culture. I found out later that he was a driver, but to my surprise, he wasn’t trying to sell me a tour. But I took advantage of the opportunity and asked him is he could take me and my mother to a very special Temple that I wanted to see. Another spontaneous decision, totally uncharacteristic of me.

You know that saying?

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans

– Woody Allen

Two hours later, we arrived in that magical place.

tirta empul

It’s called Tirta Empul or Holy Water temple. It’s very well known by locals and tourists for a wonderful water purification process.

tirta empul

After a beautiful and intense ritual, and after a intention from the bottom of my soul, I returned to the hotel relaxed, with a serene mind and an open heart.

Two hours later, I met the owner, I told him about my skills and my mothers, and how we could help this place. Twenty minutes later we had a job. This is what I call a wonderful synchronicity.

What I did next? I went in my room and started crying! I was so scared of what would happen to my relationship back home, or with my cat and three dogs. Yes, that’s how our mind works. Even if you wish something very much, somehow, you don’t think it’s possible. And if it does come true, you will find things to be afraid of or things that will make you sad. But it doesn’t matter. Since you observe this pattern that is not helping you evolve, you can overcome it.

I am sure that things will sort out also with my boyfriend and my pets, maybe I can not see now the solution, but the Universe knows best:)

moved to bali

So nothing happens by chance, everything that happened since we left home has guided us towards this special place, where we are giving our knowledge and skills in exchange of a wonderful spiritual journey.

What am I exactly doing here? What I love most: teaching yoga, organising retreats, taking pictures and helping with web design. Besides that, I am attending ceremonies, and learning about the amazing Balinese culture and rituality.










And most of all, I am enjoying every moment here, on the Island of Gods.




Tegenungan Waterfall


Volcano Batur View



Besakih Mother Temple

sari orgnaik

Path to Sari Organik


Wedding Photo


Sometimes, you just have to let go, and things can work out even better than you have ever imagined or planned.

So this is how my holiday in Bali transformed into a stay. And I feel blessed for this amazing turn of situation.

Always dare to dream, start doing something in that direction and then let the Universe do it’s job.

painting by @vondome

painting by @vondome

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If you have any question about Ubud and Bali, please feel free to contact me 🙂

And remember: Dream big and start doing something about it!

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I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around


  • Tina Müller

    Is there any kind of yoga classes on Liyer House? Hope you can help me 🙂

    March 27, 2016 at 4:27 pm
  • Cozy Resort

    Yeahhh.. Bali.. it’s beautiful island and the people is very kind there.

    April 3, 2017 at 1:00 pm