You Don’t Attract What You Think, You Attract What You Are! Chit-Chat at the Beauty Parlour

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You Don’t Attract What You Think, You Attract What You Are! Chit-Chat at the Beauty Parlour

If you live in these times, you couldn’t have avoided the “spiritual trends” and all these ideas and occasional discussions about energies, positive thinking, synchronicity and many others.

Out of all these “spiritual laws” about which it’s cool to talk, probably the most renowned is “you attract what you think about”.

Don’t get me wrong, this opening up to new paradigms of life is extraordinary, but this is merely the surface, just an accessible layer, which more and more people reach, but not many have the strength of heart to go deeper into. This is why we often take things too literally.

A few days ago, I was having a cosmetic treatment at Chateau Maison de Beauté and talking with Mrs. V about life, dreams, energies and the afterlife. You know, salon small talk, up until a point when I inevitably utter the “We attract what we think about” cliché. At which point, Mrs. V stops, looks me in the eyes and, in a serious tone, says “we do not attract what we think about, we attract what we are!” Wow! I did not expect that. It was an epiphany for me. Of course, on my path to self-discovery I had toyed with this idea, though so far, no one had stated it so simple, so natural and so powerful. And, oh, how true it is…

We do not attract what we think about, we attract what we are!

We do not attract what we think about (fortunately, I say), we attract what we believe deep into our soul about ourselves, about what we feel and what we are. Do you know that technique when you act like you already are the best version of yourself, as if you already have the perfect relationship and are already a successful businessman / businesswoman? I wrote a detailed article about the 5 Laws of attraction.

Behave and feel as if all your wishes have already come true!

I will not extend this article too much because the idea I want to convey is a simple, yet profound one, which is why I believe that my attempt to explain this principle may do more harm than good.

Our inner state has the greatest materialization power, the vibrational posture in which we are. And do not be fooled that our surroundings conditions what we are or what we feel. If we are truly strong, we will take this responsibility upon ourselves and we will take control over what we really are.

We cannot control what others do, but we can control what we do and what we feel!

Let’s take an example. You think about your wish to have the perfect relationship, the perfect partner. No matter how much you may ask for this, you may not receive it because you are relating to something which is outside your being which cannot be controlled. But if you change the perspective and put it upon yourself then you have the power to attract what you desire in YOUR OWN reality. Instead of wishing for the perfect relationship, think of yourself as a person who deserves to be in a perfect relationship. Feel like someone worthy of a relationship, feel perfect! You already are that person!

The common obstacles I this practice of feeling the way you want to become are: distrust, not loving yourself and preconceptions deeply hidden in our subconscious. Although all of these can be changed through practice on a conscious level. Limitative beliefs are of no use in this lifetime where we are the creators. We set our own limits. You can read this article about a practice that changed my life.acest articol

Sometimes, these states and spiritual concepts are so difficult to transpose into words, though I hope you understand what I am trying to convey. The next step is to practice, it’s not easy, naturally, we are used to always relating to the exterior. Though try, I promise you won’t regret it. You are the mages of your own reality. Accept this …




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