Women and the Emotional Rollercoaster known as PMS – How to Find Balance !

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Women and the Emotional Rollercoaster known as PMS – How to Find Balance !

For women only!

I, for one, have had it! For more than a decade I have been working on myself, my emotions, my fears, the stress I put up with and, of course, my agitated mind. I have managed to bring them to a point of balance. But right before that time of the month, everything goes to waste, it’s like I become some sort of a beast, all my fears surrounding me and I begin to relive and reconsider my entire life. And all this happens that, just three days after the start of my period I am Positive Polly again, all around me being pink and bright like nothing happened. Tell me please I’m not the only one! Just to be clear, I’m not bipolar, I checked. Starting with the age of 14, my mental and emotional moods have changed significantly in the previous period of that delicate time of the month.

Never would I have thought I could write about this topic, but I’ve been reflecting more and more about this change lately. I have become aware of this process for only a year or two, when I noticed clearly, but ever so clearly, the synchronization of my mood swings with the hormonal changes that take place right before menstruation.

All that accumulated Zen, all that gorgeous reality I struggle to sustain, the equilibrium that I very much enjoy, everything literally disappears for a few days, or even more, and the filter through which I perceive life and the world around me becomes blurred. It’s very weird because I can feel the whole thinking process is changing, everything starts to look different, everything seems worse than it is, but fortunately, it’s just a strange illusion created by a hormonal imbalance that consumes more serotonin than normal, the neurotransmitter known as the happiness potion. I will not go into too much detail. I can only tell you that it involves both the nervous system and the endocrine one, the toxins levels, hormones, literally everything. Thus, without realizing, we believe we are depressed, or that everything is horrible. But this is not the case, it is just a small imbalance that we can fight through a healthier lifestyle and a little self-control. In some months it becomes more pronounced, and in some I get rid of it without sobbing in the pillow, but the fact of the matter is that I decided to take control. So, I started talking to women around me, documenting myself and undergoing a little bit of research. Can I really do something to eliminate this emotional imbalance? The answer is: Yes!

Here’s what we can do in order to tone down monthly mood swings:

  • Physical Exercise

    Exercise certainly helps erase estrogen hormones at the end of their steady climb, lowering the levels of stress-associated neurotransmitters, and increasing the amount of endorphins that promote a general well-being. Even if it’s just walking, or signing up for a relaxing yoga class, physical movement indubitably helps in this process of physical, mental and emotional balancing.

  • Nutrition

    Food plays an extremely important role in balancing our body’s systems, so a protein-based diet consisting of unsaturated fat, vegetables and fruits is recommended during the menstrual cycle in order to rebuild all beneficial neurotransmitters. Sugar, coffee and alcohol should be avoided, at least during the critical period: when we feel like we devour our fridge or the chocolate pantry. It is much better to consume seeds, nuts, dates, etc.


  • Vitamins and Supplements

    I started taking some organic herb supplements for PMS, called WWB – Women Well-Being from a company called Organic India. These Indian plants restore hormonal balance, regulate menstrual cycles and fight against anxiety, all thanks to its composition primarily rich in natural estrogen. You can read all the details on their website. In addition to these supplements, I also often take Magnesium. But I have read that Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Calcium and Omega 3 are also recommended. I currently only take the two above-mentioned.


  • Meditation

    Meditation always helps, and if we constantly practice it, the benefits will also be visible in times of emotional imbalance. We are just doing it to get to a point where we will be tranquil, a point where no external or internal factor will shake us anymore. I wrote a few months ago an article that offers some tips for starting a meditative practice: Meditation for Beginners.


  • Acceptance and de-identification

    In my opinion, once you identify a certain system, you automatically diminish its power. As you become aware of the cause of certain moods, thoughts, emotions, etc., it is easier for you to defuse them. I, for one, have begun to accept these changes in my perception, and to no longer agree with them, not to take them as being good and not to identify with them anymore. I know things are not as they seem in the days before menstruation, everything is not exactly gray, things will pass and I will see the world again in a better, brighter and certainly more harmonious way.


Us, women, represent an entire universe caught in an ecstatic dance filled with emotions, dreams, visions and hopes. We have a native desire to discover and to truly see and uncover ourselves. There is also this physical-chemical-emotional system which allows us to get to know ourselves better, a way through which we can bring harmony. I wish you a graceful journey to your own balance!


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