Why we women feel the need to go out into the wide world?

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Why we women feel the need to go out into the wide world?

   Why do we feel that burning desire to leave into the world to rediscover ourselves and to experience new cultures and wonders of this Planet?


It happens to you too, right? To have that feeling, that call to a particular reality, towards a change in life that will make you understand more about yourself, about your emotions and events that are happening in your universe. And most of the time, we feel the need to go far away from it all, totally step out of comfort zone, preferably to an exotic destination, in order to be able to reset.

The idea for this article came to me today while I spent another dreamlike day in the Bahamas with two of my best friends. We are three women, with ages between 27 and 44 years old, one married, one divorced and one in a complicated situation. Different responsibilities, different situations, different backgrounds, but with the same desire to get to know ourselves better, to work with ourselves and to understand more about true self-love. And how to do this better than by leaving far away from home, preferably in an exotic paradise such as the islands of the Bahamas and through an intensive course of 30 days of yoga and detox. But don’t get me wrong, before these 30 days, we spent a week on the island of Exuma, a place where we relaxed, we were pampered and debated topics ranging from world peace to current relationships. Nothing surprising …

But we are increasingly more fascinated by this inner spark that drove us all to the decision to leave. We are even more fascinating to the people around us who remain pleasantly surprised when they find out that we are here as friends and that we made the decision to have this experience for ourselves, for our own well-being. It’s not selfish, it is courage and accountability.


But what is the honest answer to the question “Why feel the need to go out into the wide world to rediscover ourselves?”

I ask you, but here are our answers, currently, the three giddy girls are trying to rediscover themselves on a tiny island in the middle of the Atlantic. Plus live emotions and feelings during a trip of this kind.

My answer:

I am drawn to soul-searching journeys, by travels with a deeper meaning, from which I come back wealthier. I think that I, at least, feel a need to go out into the wide world because this way, I gain new experiences in my life that bring complexity, happiness and new possibilities. Stepping out of my comfort zone makes me surpass my fears and benefit from new mental and emotional states.

How I feel now, living it? Extraordinary. I feel like I’m doing something really important for myself and for my life. I feel like I stopped and I am giving my entire energy and attention to my emotions, to process them and to be able to move forward. I feel like I’m in the right place at the right time and that the entire Universe supports me in this process. I don’t want to become a new person, but I want to become who I truly am, without fear and without limits.

A’s answer:

“For me, it is a discovery of self, in new and complex situations. The change in environment helps a lot, for me travelling is the best education. Stepping out of your comfort zone makes you draw out things from within yourself. I wonder though, how much of these experiences we will keep after coming back home and how many changes will we implement in our lifestyle.
Now, here in the Bahamas, I feel very well, but I’m waiting to see how that intense month practicing yoga will be.”

L’s answer:

“Now I have nothing to say. I really miss the kids and my husband, I have a feeling of guilt and I wish they were here with me. However, I wish to evolve and to obtain the ATTC certificate and then I will see how this experience will have changed me.

Now I have no expectations and I am grateful to the Universe that I get to see beautiful places. I have a feeling gratitude that I can see these things – I love the Bahamas islands and take each day as it comes.”


Does this help? Is it something beneficial? Or is it running? I have been faced with this dilemma many times, but now I can honestly say that just about any experience during holidays, brings a great benefit for the traveler, mentally, emotionally, as well as spiritually. Novelty and beauty are enriching. No matter what, we are coming back home with renewed strength and with a fresh vision on life. But most of the time, I went on such journeys with a more profound intent, certainly a seed was planted there and a plant of knowledge and self-awareness will grow and will push us forward in our journey in this lifetime. Why it’s easier to do this by travelling? Because by coming out of your comfort zone, the mind opens, it is attentive and willing to absorb new information. The new people we meet usually reflect what we want to change in ourselves. The sacred place we are travelling to will help us through its higher level of energy and will bring synchronous relationships beneficial to our inner path.

Do men feel this call? I don’t think so. For them, the call may be more towards adventure, discovery and experimentation. Perhaps because they are more pragmatic and resolve emotional issues more easily, or perhaps they may not grant so much importance as we do. I cannot say, the idea is that I have very rarely seen men accompany me to Bali for two weeks of detox, rituals, yoga, meditation and pictures at sunset :).


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