Why I Chose To Spend My Life Travelling

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Why I Chose To Spend My Life Travelling

Because this is how I feel alive … Plain and simple!

I’ve been travelling a lot ever since I was a little girl, along with my family. The first time I left the country I was 7 and later on, I was already going to camps on my own. Though, my journeys got a whole new meaning when I stepped off the beaten trail for tourists and discovered each destination from a real, authentic perspective.


Why is travelling so important to me? Firstly, because they are more than just a passion for me, travelling is the way I chose to spend my life and has led me to be the person I am today. Any journey involves change and an opportunity for self-discovery, to find tranquility and inner balance. When I travel alone I am in this process of self-discovery, I face new situations and I must react, thus every destination is a journey of initiation. When I am accompanied by other persons, I always meet people who reflect my qualities or flaws – that is when I must search within myself.

By traveling, I step out of my comfort zone and this makes me overcome my fears and benefit from new mental and emotional states. Travelling has greatly helped me surpass my fears. I was afraid to face the next day, sometimes I was afraid even without a reason. I was scared of death, disease and other dangers. These are fears which most people may have, though for me, they were mentally, physically and emotionally shackling. Up until the moment I stopped letting them dictate the decisions in my life. img_2581

Every experience during my travels positively sets its mark on me. When I first got in India, we stumbled upon a local festival in the middle of close to 50.000 natives. I was a bit panicked, I kept covering my face and my blond hair in order not to attract attention. But my shawl kept falling and at one point I relaxed and just let it slip off. I waited for reactions. But to my surprise, people were looking at me and smiling, they were giving me ice-cream and balloons, they were giving me their babies to hold and were taking me to meet their entire family. I felt amazing. I felt safer than I did at home._MG_2801

By travelling to in another space different from all that I know, I come into contact with new people, feelings and experiences. My mind is open to absorbing the novelty from such an experience and all my activities are aimed at changing the negative patterns I’ve developed so far. This is easier when I step out of the natural and familiar environment where the same rules as back home do not apply, where I have another program and another rhythm, more balanced and connected to my inner feelings. 

When I travel I feel like I can be present much easier than when I am home. I am extraordinarily excited and my mind is very eager to record everything going on around me. I take joy in every person I see and every moment. I like to see things which are different from those with which I am used to at home: new cultures and philosophies, another lifestyle. I adore the diversity and happiness of these new experiences, feelings and assimilation. Every place I go to enriches me mentally, spiritually, emotionally and even physically through its energy and exoticism. Each journey is a unique and unrepeatable experience. I interact with a culture different from the one I used to know until then, I face challenges and unusual things which change me.


For me, travelling is a whole new level of experimenting life. Each time I come back home with a fresh new perspective on life and recharged. They’ve helped me become someone new, break my limitations and preconceptions, to understand and experience life differently, to its full extent. When I travel I can be who I want to be, my authentic, present and balanced self. I’ve learned one thing underlying my current being: life is meant to be enjoyed, to be truly experienced and to create all we dream about.

For meIMG_1516

spiritual journeys are a way in which to share these things with other people. My inspiration for what I do comes when my mind is clear, when I’ve disconnected from the everyday noise and I do believe that this is the how anyone can have order I their heart and soul. All we must do is disconnect and reconnect to something more important.


Travel in the external world, in order to reveal your inner world!

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I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around