What is Yoga – My life Before and After

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What is Yoga – My life Before and After

What exactly is Yoga? I know that more and more people want to learn more about this path, because in today’s society a practice of relaxation and stilling of the mind is increasingly more necessary. But most of the time we don’t know where to start.

The outside world, today’s society, is the reflection of our undisciplined mind.

So, today I decided to tell you what yoga is for me, how I started, where I arrived, what difficulties I encountered and what benefits it has brought into my life.

Yoga is the practice that has changed my entire life!

It all started about 10 years ago, when I was struggling with a deep anxiety, I was simply afraid of life. This anxiety was shackling me, I wasn’t doing much, because for me, the world was something frightening.

After many psychologists, energetic therapists and all sorts of homeopathic treatments, I met a wonderful man that introduced me to the path called Yoga. At first, I was reluctant, I didn’t know much about this topic, only dubious rumours going around at that time in Romania. But little by little I got to discover that Yoga is a personal path, safe and extremely effective.

The greatest achievement was when I accepted that nobody will come up with a magic recipe that will magically take away all those unpleasant moods with which I was struggling. The resolution lied solely in my hands, through practice, introspection and acceptance.

Once I walked that path, things have developed miraculously in my way, slowly I was becoming more and more comfortable with myself and objectively observing what was happening inside me. Then I understood that because of some unpleasant events in my life, my mind had developed that fear, but any lesson can be unlearned.

Ever since, I have been working with my mind, stopping my subconscious from creating limitations, fears or preconceptions about life and reality. After several years of practice, life took me to a wonderful place where I would truly understand what Yoga is from an authentic point of view, undistorted by Western trends. This was the moment when I began to be taught in Sivananda Yoga


So what is Yoga?

“Yoga” in Sanskrit means Union. This Union refers to the connection between our mind, body and soul, between our soul and a superior consciousness and between our soul and that of all the beings on Earth.

Yoga is a spiritual science, not a religion. It is a beneficial practice, regardless of belief or religion.

In my experience, Yoga is the tool through which we can control our mind and emotions in order to reach our true selves, to know and the profoundly understand this lifetime, our nature and our surrounding world. The answers are not on the outside, where we so passionately seek. All the answers are inside, well-hidden among so many thoughts, emotions, feelings and frustrations.

Yoga has taught me the most precious thing: we perceive the surrounding reality through what lies within us. Most often, happiness is not an exterior cause. Everything comes from within us. Why are the people who have everything they want materially, unhappy, while ordinary people such as the Indian people, radiate happiness? Because we live in this nebula and we relate far too much to the outside world. Now I’m not saying that we shouldn’t want material things, happier relationships or what not. However, I’m saying that it would be good to realize that the process is exactly the opposite. First we work with ourselves, to achieve a state of calm and happiness, then surely the external reality will be moulded on the inner one.

The external reality is a reflection of our beliefs, our thoughts and of our inner state.  

At first, Yoga can be divided as follows:

Physical Level – Hatha Yoga

This is the yoga that you see at the gym or in yoga studios. Through physical exercise, through stretches and consciously working with the body, we unlock the stagnated energies. That’s why often, let’s say after a few months of practice, we can wake up in a class where we feel the need to cry. This means that an emotion, a blockage has been released.

Another benefit of the asana (Yogic philosophy poses) is for the organs, and then for the systems, and then on a more subtle level, that of emotions and thoughts. It has been already scientifically proven that organs are closely related to certain emotions, for example the kidneys have a direct connection with fear.

You can practice the xasana anywhere, at home, at the gym, in a studio. Try several types and styles, physically demanding or less demanding, but I recommend you to always be aware of these benefits, and the subtle energy level on which any movement has effect.

The time spent on the mat, you along with yourself, is a kind of break from the bustle of life, in which you have time to reposition.

As you know, I have thee 500-hour Yoga instructor certification, but until now I have only taught during the retreat from Bali and India. Though lately, more people are asking me for classes in Bucharest, so I created a group on Facebook where I sometime announce classes for beginners. If you want, you can also join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1533779533379162/

I have now gotten to the truly profound levels of Yoga practice. Meditation is what really changes us, what teaches us to control and how to work with our own mind. I’m sure you’ve heard already about the numerous studies about the benefits of meditation, so I’ll just talk about my experience.

At first, it was extremely hard. The second I would close my eyes hundreds of thoughts and fears would come rushing. It was as if I was stepping into an unknown world of which I was so scared. But by practicing, I easily befriended my mind, I started to not be frightened and I began to really know myself, the good and the bad.

I already wrote an article where I explain more about meditation and how you can begin this magical practice. More details HERE..

Now, meditation is my main practice, I try to do it on a daily basis and I can honestly tell you that I see an enormous difference between the days I start by meditating and those where I leave home in a rush and I don’t have that time to connect my mind to a more beautiful reality.

Slowly, through meditation I began to be aware of the origin of the negative thoughts, of fears and I managed to detach from them, because we are much more than that. What we really are can’t be touched by these limitations unless we let them. When you live through this perspective, everything is magical. A useful article about this idea that changed my life, is THIS ONE.


Yoga is what made me believe that we people are like the laboratory of an alchemist. We can do anything in this lifetime, but it all starts from within. Everything must first be prepared in our state, in our mind, emotions and beliefs. Yoga constantly teaches me how to detach from useless identifications, how to become an observer and how to be the best version of myself that I can be. You can see my example, where I started and where I arrived. Before, fear used to control me and now I am traveling the world, teaching yoga and showing people a magical version of reality.

Yoga takes you into the present moment, the only place where life exists

Yoga is the way through which I constantly find balance. Yes, I’m sorry if I disappoint you, but when you achieve balance, there is nothing and nobody to guarantee that you will remain there. Otherwise we wouldn’t evolve. After balance, comes imbalance, and then we move on to a higher level of understanding.

I hope this article inspired you and gave you that dose of courage to begin or to continue the path to self-discovery.

If you feel the calling of a special life experience, I invite you to join me and other wonderful people in Bali or India, where we will encounter and experience the authentic Yoga philosophy.

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