What if We Didn’t Take our Thoughts so Seriously?

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What if We Didn’t Take our Thoughts so Seriously?

We would be free …

We would be able to live in the present, enjoy life at a higher intensity, without having to be busy and scared of the reality from our minds.

We would feel relief, we would be free of that mental and emotional weight that our negative thoughts put on us.

We would understand that we are not what we think, we’re not that voice in our head – we are much more than that.

We would detach from thoughts and we would become the observer.

We would understand the difference between the present, reality and the mental scenarios influenced by a disharmonious mind.

We would take control of our own mental stories, take control of our own thoughts and emotions.

We would become the creators of your own reality, as it was given to be.

But how can we implement this attitude in our lives? How can we not take seriously a voice which we have been crediting since the beginning of our lives? How can we detach from this deeply-rooted identification?

1. Dis-identification and detachment

We can eliminate this constant agitation from our mind through detachment. Emotional detachment and dis-identification. What exactly is dis-identification? Not identifying with that voice in my head, no longer believing that I am that “person”, that voice, I am much more than that. That voice is a stack of past experiences, fears, preconceptions, it is like a computer impregnated with all sorts of elements to which it was exposed, but without making the difference between reality and the virtual, between the real and the fake, between useful and useless. The mind is just a function that has been taking up too much space in our existence. We cannot stop it, perhaps if we were to meditate for years somewhere in a cave, though we can put it “in its place”, we can take its power and influence.

Constantly practicing this attitude of detachment from thoughts and from that mental voice is probably the best thing we can do for our happiness.

You don’t have to read 100 books or to know any secret techniques, constantly try out and practice detachment, observing from another vantage point of thoughts, it will slowly become natural.

When you get out of that mental chaos, you start to really be in the present!

This technique is also used in Mindfulness. A meditation through which we practice that state of being the observer of one’s own thoughts.

2. Sense of Humor

A sense of humor helps us take away the pressure, to relax that mental strain in which we have gotten used to be. Have you ever noticed that when we have negative thoughts, the more we try to get rid of them, the more power they have. But have you tried laughing at them? Undermining their authority? This really is a technique about which spiritual masters speak about, a sense of humor. It tremendously helps in changing the paradigms to which our mind is so accustomed. It will initially help with relaxing, to then be able to entirely detach from the mental films.

Laugh at your own negative thoughts, laugh at your fears and slowly realize that they will no longer influence you.

If we were to not take our thoughts so seriously, we would enjoy life happening now! In the present moment!

I wrote an article a few days ago about this topic.

Life happens while we cope with the reality of our mind

In my journey of self-discovery, I got acquainted with many spiritual ideologies, philosophies and practices. Most talk about the fact that we attract what we think. But fortunately, things are not quite so. Why fortunately? Well in the way our minds work now, with the abundance of uncontrollable negative thoughts we have, would we want to attract something like that? Fortunately however, this attraction system is slightly more complex than that. We do not attract what we think, we attract what we are, what is behind those surfacing thoughts, we attract what we really believe about ourselves and about reality. Article:

You don’t attract what you think about, you attract what you are! A chat at the beauty salon

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  • infra

    interesant concept si cred ca ai dreptate. ca toata lumea cred si eu ma lupt uneori cu anxietate si cu ganduri negative, incerc mereu sa le contracarez si sa le indepartez.

    February 2, 2018 at 7:00 am
    • Padmakshi

      Mult spor tie, mie si tuturor:) Ideea este sa nu ne luptam cu ele, cred ca cel mai bine este sa le acceptam si sa gasim cea mai buna metoda de a convietui:)

      February 15, 2018 at 2:09 pm