Our third date – A Trip Around the World

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Our third date – A Trip Around the World


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It took me awhile to write this article, because it’s one of the most important ones, I couldn’t find the words to describe what I am living now.

our exotic dream

Now, as I am starting to write, I have just arrived in Fiji, on a secluded island. I think this is how paradise really looks and feels like. Two days ago, I was in Singapore at level 57 at Marina Bay Sands, flipping a coin, not knowing where to go next.

flip a coin

The key to this equation?! It’s not only me, it’s us, it’s our exotic dream and we are living it now.

How everything happened? Well this will be probably the spoiler for a very good book or an amazing movie.

This is how our story started:

We met one month ago, while I was visiting Romania, my home. We knew each other briefly . . . Long story short, we went on two dates during my last week there, and after, I left for Bali, where I was leading a yoga retreat.

After three weeks, he came along . . .

We barely knew each other, but we shared the passion for travelling and a deep curiosity about this amazing world. So we talked, and day dreamed, and realised that we want to live the dream. So . . .


We spent a few days in Seseh, Canngu, one of my favourite parts of Bali, where we surfed and enjoyed the beach, after which I showed him the spiritual part of the Island of Gods, Ubud, the temples, rituals and yoga classes. Luckly, we pampered ourselves staying at the famous Ubud Hanging Gardens, a place that I have always dreamed to experience. Even there, we found something spiritual/ challenging to do, trekking through the jungle in the middle of the night, to a Temple that you can see from the resort. It was just us, the statues and that magical, authentic spirit that you can find in Bali, if you know where to look.






He was telling me even before his arrival, that we will flip a coin and we will let ourselves guided by chance, so we did it! We had a glass of red wine, a coin and a computer. We had certain destinations as a guidance, for example Hawaii, but we flipped the coin in order to know the route towards the other side of the world, and then back to Europe.


Next destination?! Singapore

Singapore is my favourite non-exotic location 🙂 I think it’s the peak of the human potential of creation, I have the same feeling when I am looking at this city, as I have when I am looking over a luxuriant jungle.










After two nights here, the plan was to go to Tokyo, so we would be on the way to Hawaii, but apparently the Universe had other plans. We tried to book a flight for the next day, we couldn’t make the payment, we struggled, talked to the bank back home, you know, usual technical things that don’t work and take a lot to fix. Finally we booked the flight, but the next morning, a few hours before the departure, we were announced that the reservation was not made, that something went wrong between the booking website and the airline. So I said: This is too strange, it means that we are not supposed to go there 🙂 So guess what?! We flipped the coin again, choosing where to go next, on the same route to Hawaii.

marina bay sandsI said Australia or New Zealand, he said Fiji. We applied for an Australian Visa but the processing time was too long for our spontaneity. The coin decided. In less than 24 hours, after almost loosing the flight because our common tendency to hit the snooze button, we arrived in Fiji, with no plans, no knowledge about this place, only with a night at a cheap hotel next to the airport, that we booked as we were waiting to embark on the plane from Singapore to Nadi.

Fiji my dear . . . 

Nadi is the main island of Fiji, it has wonderful resorts, but I wanted the real secluded island experience, the turquoise water and the white sand beach. So after we arrived at the hotel, at 2 am, we started researching. In Fiji there are about 300 islands, only 150 inhabited, but imagine how hard it is to know where to go when you have no idea about what you can experience there. So we went to bed, again not knowing where we will go the next day.


At 12:00 pm we took the magic coin out of the wallet and the fate decided that we will go in the northern islands, we researched a little, and selected an island, Taveuni, the garden island of Fiji. The next step was Booking.com, filtering through prices and reviews, but you can imagine that we had maximum 5 hotels to choose from because everything was occupied. At 12:30 we pressed the BOOK button, and in 15 minutes we were at the domestic airport, asking about how we can reach Taveumi. The only flight for that destination was in 20 minutes but it was fully booked. We begged them to find a way to get us on that flight, and they did. Later on, we found out that the whole plane had only 15 seats. And by fully booked, they were talking about the weight allowance, not the actual seats. Long story short, in 30 minutes we were starting our plane ride, in the smallest plane ever. I am sometimes afraid of flying, but somehow this small plane, and the two Fijian pilots that were also the ones that explained the safety procedures, made me feel safe, and we enjoyed the most beautiful scenery from above, turquoise water, beautiful islands, strange shaped reefs and an island shaped like a heart.


fiji heart





We landed as it was no big deal to bring that tiny old plane from the sky, to a small path of concrete surrounded by palm trees.


And after a 15 minutes drive and another 10 by boat, we realized that we were guided by an unknown force, to arrive in Paradise. This small resort, Quamea Resort and Spa, that we couldn’t even remember why we choose, is one of the most beautiful, authentic and perfect experiences. On an island next to Taveumi, reachable only by a rusted motor boat, with local staff that is calling you by your name as soon as they meet you, with a perfect white sand beach, small beach huts and the perfect sunset view, it makes you feel like the luckiest person on earth.



_MG_7953-2One hour after our arrival, we had to go to a wine tasting and then for dinner. We were seated at a long table, together with the other guests, and also with a big part of the staff. So we all greeted each other and started talking and enjoying a glass of wine. The main subject of the evening? How this strange couple from Romania booked their room only two hours before their arrival. After dinner, a small local band was sitting in a gazebo, holding in the middle a big wooden pot, where they prepared a local drink, made only from ????? root, no acohol, having a natural, relaxing effectJ You also have to say certain words and to clap once when you receive the cup, and clap three times after you drink it. In the first minute or so you can’t feel your tongue, but after, I guess that you can say that I was way more relaxed then before.




So we sat with them and sang for the rest of the evening. We also received new names, mine is Daunlo Mani ( my beautiful love) and his is Uro Toto Lovo ( tall handsome gorgeous) Ps: not very good for his ego 🙂

I am in Fiji only since 24 hours ago, but I can tell you that the Fijians are one of the most beautiful, warm, fun, kind and talented people I have ever met. You just want to stay next to them and enjoy their vibe . . .

fiji love

So we reached the present moment, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 16.000 km from home and I am looking forward to the adventure ahead, we will enjoy this paradise for a week, or who knows, you never know what the coin has planned for us.


Meanwhile, we love to see people’s reaction when we are telling them that no, we are not in our honeymoon, and no, we are not together since 7 years ago, we have been together for one month :)))

We are amazed how everything turned out until this point, and we are getting better and better at going with the flow.

I was always saying that, in order to know the person next to you, you should travel together, well this time, we are doing it the other way around, we are discovering each other while discovering these amazing places around the world. And who knows how this story will unfold. Until now, we are excited and fascinated by each other, as we are about every place we arrive in. But we are also getting to know each other’s fears or weaknesses, we are together 24/7 without any place to escape, but it’s ok, because we are explorers, we are discovering without judging and slowly getting “intoxicated” by each other.


We are “planning” to continue our road to Hawaii, then the Us, so we are going home on the other part of the globe, but we don’t know yet when this trip will end. And I can’t be more happy about it.

I will write along the way, trying to find words and pictures that can describe my feelings, but you can follow parts of our journey on Snapchat and Instagram.

fist bump

This is our thing, maybe it looks like a fist bump, but it’s much more than that


So yeah, dreams do come true, or even better, they unfold, expand and create a reality that will blow your mind. So try and flip a coin, it’s a way to let go and let the Universe guide you.

More stories soon . . .


#ourexoticdream #flipacoin #traveltheworld




I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around


  • Adi P.

    The pictures are indeed very nice, but the text itself is the most boring one i have ever read. Are you trying to show breathtaking places, write about a love story or just showing off? Learn how to write or just upload the pictures – it would be more interesting. Try to improve your story telling skills.

    By the way, it would be more convenient renting a private jet for these kinds of trip.

    June 12, 2016 at 12:37 pm