The Path to Our True Self – An Idea That Changed My Life

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The Path to Our True Self – An Idea That Changed My Life

As soon as you start asking yourself questions about life and death, about the soul and about the nature of thoughts, you enter into an unknown vortex, but at the same time a desire is born, the desire to find out who you really are, the desire to reach the essence, the desire to be “enlightened”.

Don’t take this term too dramatically. What does it mean to reach enlightenment? It doesn’t mean you start levitating or that you live hundreds of years, it means that you reach awareness. It means that you reach your essence and that of this Universe, you truly understand nature and you merge with all that exists. It means you become the best version of yourself, you control your mind, emotions and live from a new perspective. In that moment, you no longer need any kind of identification or social recognition, you simply exist. This state cannot be explained from what I understand, and it can be obtained and lost in a split second. I have met people who have had a taste of that manifestation and then lost it, collapsing.


After 10 years of practice and spiritual pursuit, in a summer evening somewhere in the Bahamas, I had an epiphany, through a stranger I received an idea that was about to change my entire life. An idea so simple and profound that all the theories learned so far seemed like bedtime stories.

While I was in the Bahamas in the yoga ashram, an Indian guest laid down the following hypothesis:

Enlightenment is not the process by which we achieve or reach a higher level, enlightenment is a process of dissolution of all concepts about ourselves and about life.

Enlightenment is a process from top to bottom, from outside in, it’s as if we were slowly peeling the layers of an onion and reaching the core. Reaching the essence.

We take off, one by one, every false identification, every mask, every preconception about ourselves and about life. We start with general stuff (instances such as: mother, daughter, girlfriend, friend etc.) and then we continue with the identifications by our nature (female/male, human, body, mind, emotions). What do we get to? But do we have the courage to give up all of these situations by which we exist? What more remains after? Only a state remains.

The path to essence is dissolving everything we know and everything we think we are.

Self-discovery means giving up our mental bustle, preconceptions and identifications.

Deep down inside I thought that in order to reach that state of bliss, naturalness, I must practice extremely much, I had a mental picture through which I would receive something from somewhere above, outside of myself, something which I had to fight for.

But now I realize that it’s the exact opposite. I don’t have to build myself, to create even more identifications or grow my ego, it is recommended that I do the exact opposite, dis-identify myself from any mental creation, any instances, personality or state. To strip myself of those habits.

Dis-identification is a concept that seems easy, but it is so profound if you truly understand it, that it can dissolve everything in its path. But we are accustomed to hold onto any identification, good or bad, because somewhere inside ourselves we believe that this is how we exist, that these identifications define us as individuals. But it isn’t so, on the contrary, it is limiting us.

If we did not identify with anything anymore, we would exist at our true capacity, without limits. In the present.


Remember, you don’t have to receive anything, we already are everything we want to be, we are already the best version of ourselves that we can be, we just have to remove a few waves that cover perfection, our true selves.

I will give you a somewhat trivial example to better understand this process of dis-identification.Let’s take a hypothetical case in which we suffer because we had a quarrel with a family member, or we are upset and stressed because of work. In that moment, we define ourselves as X, who, in that moment, is going through that problem. Well, in a split second we can totally detach from that circumstance and no longer cling to that scenario in which ‘we’ suffer or are upset. We simply say and feel with all our being: “I am no longer that person”. But we must let go, relinquish and totally detach from that identification. And we don’t really need to immediately cling onto another identification. We remain what we are, we remain in the present, without limiting ourselves through our circumstances. From this instance, we can solve any discussions that have brought us that negative state.

Eu una, atunci cand imi spun si ma pun in starea de : eu nu sunt cea care sufera, eu ma detasez de acea ipostaza nefolositoare, atunci o siguranta de nedescris se instaleaza in interiorul meu. Sunt pur si simplu, iar in plus, simt ca pot face orice in aceasta lume.

I for one, when entering into the state of “I’m not the one who is suffering”, I am detaching from that useless circumstance, then an indescribable feeling of safety is installed inside of me. I simply exist, and besides that, I feel like I can do anything in this world.This dis-identification can be used in minor cases and also major ones, it can be used anytime and anyway. In that state of detachment we let things truly happen, I’ve had one of the most beautiful surprises by relinquishing control.

The essence is the bottom of that calm ocean, it is sand you see in the quiet sea, without any waves. When we calm down, when we give in, then when we see who we really are: nothing and everything.

This state of dis-identification, in which you no longer feel as if you are defined as X, Y or Z in the situation, is one and the same with the state of total presence. I’m sure you’ve heard of the power of the present moment and our need to train ourselves to live in the present. Well, when you stop relating to all of these thoughts and identifications, you automatically step into that sublime state of total presence.

“When your attention moves into the Now, there is an alertness. It is as if you were waking up from a dream, the dream of thought, the dream of past and future. Such clarity, such simplicity. No room for problem-making. Just this moment as it is.” ~Eckhart Tolle


It is said that, once a few tens of seconds, our subconscious constantly recreates our identity. An unconscious process tells us who we are all the time, what period of life we are in, how we feel and how we define ourselves in society.

Do you have the courage to truly be yourselves – to let go of everything you have created so far? I for one, think that we will find something marvellous once we cast aside all those layers of identifications. We will find our true essence, that divine core that we look for everywhere, except within ourselves.

I urge you to at least try, relinquish control for a moment, stilling your mind, detach from this identity and find that perfect state, discover the manifestation which we truly are.




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