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7 Books That Transformed My Life

How did I get to where I am now? How did I get to travel all over the world, to guide people in their spiritual experiences and to live my dream? How did I arrive in this point, given that three years ago I was afraid to go up to the corner of the street? […]

The Path to Our True Self – An Idea That Changed My Life

As soon as you start asking yourself questions about life and death, about the soul and about the nature of thoughts, you enter into an unknown vortex, but at the same time a desire is born, the desire to find out who you really are, the desire to reach the essence, the desire to be […]

How I returned after 30 days of spiritual army in Bahamas

The road to self-discovery is not packed only with jasmine flowers, crystals and incense perfume. Sometimes, in order to remove a layer of preconceptions and useless identifications, we must dis-habituate the mind and the ego through exercises and intense practices, for a long period of time. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of […]

All you need to know if you’re planning to go to Bali – tickets, accommodation, visa, expenses and other tips

During the past six months spent on the Island of Gods, Bali, I learned a lot of things about myself and about the energy of this realm. But to my benefit, I gained a lot of experience on living in that environment and now I want to share with you all my knowledge about it […]

A walk through Varanasi, India – a lesson of life and death

Yesterday was one of the most intense and interesting days of my life. India, Varanasi – the oldest city in the world, a place on the bank of the Ganges River that has attracted ancient religions and spiritual practices ever since 500 BC. I had heard it was hard to digest this experience, but now […]