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I Meditated for 10 Days With His Holiness The Dalai Lama | What Did I Learn?

This is probably one of the most spontaneous and magical experiences of my life. This time last year I was in Bodh Gaya, in the poorest Indian state, surrounded by about 300,000 Tibetan and Buddhist monks listening to a meditation guided by the Dalai Lama himself.   I say spontaneous because everything happened totally unexpected, […]

How To Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling Without Stressing About Money

How to fulfill your dream of traveling without stressing about money We all have a destination etched into mind, where we wish we would go to, either after seeing a movie that made us dream, a book we read that inspired us, photos or a conversation with a friend. An idea suddenly resonates with us, […]

Why I Chose To Spend My Life Travelling

Because this is how I feel alive … Plain and simple! I’ve been travelling a lot ever since I was a little girl, along with my family. The first time I left the country I was 7 and later on, I was already going to camps on my own. Though, my journeys got a whole […]

A walk through Varanasi, India – a lesson of life and death

Yesterday was one of the most intense and interesting days of my life. India, Varanasi – the oldest city in the world, a place on the bank of the Ganges River that has attracted ancient religions and spiritual practices ever since 500 BC. I had heard it was hard to digest this experience, but now […]

Travelling for the Soul – Sivananda Ashram in India

India has always been the ultimate destination for the spiritual seeker, and for one month and a half, is has been the place that helped me heal my broken heart.  Since I started practicing yoga, five years ago, a seed of desire has been planted in my heart, to experience an Ashram in India. I […]

What Ricefields? Enjoy the Indian Tea Plantations

I’ve spent 50 days in Kerala, South India, and I was mesmerised with it’s beauty and complexity. But in a certain place, I witnessed and photographed the most beautiful landscapes in my life.   This place is called Munnar, it’s located  1600 meters above sea level, an it’s the place where you can find unending […]

Ayurveda – Magical Science for the Body

Ayurveda, Magical Science for the Body, Mind and Soul During my 50 days spent in South India, I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of this authentic wellbeing practice, its benefits and it’s deep process of detoxing, physically but also emotionally. I went through a one week treatment at Erandia Marari Resort, in Kerala. More […]

Kochi – The Indian City that Stole my Heart

   Kochi, the Indian city that makes you feel like part of a movie A movie? Yes, a mixture between Indiana Jones, Eat Pray Love and Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. And we can add also a romantic comedy in which the main character goes alone in India to write a romantic novel. Kochi is the cultural capital of Kerala […]

Primele doua zile in India, petrecute impreuna cu 30.000 de oameni

Am ajuns in India putin speriata, atat de calatoritul singura, cat si de ceea ce voi gasi aici. Foarte multi oameni mi-au spus : “India, oricat de mult te vei pregati, tot te va surprinde.” Ei bine, da, m-a surprins, dar mai mult decat atat, m-am surprins eu pe mine. Primele doua zile, le-am petrecut […]

How Bali forced me to follow my dreams

Wow Bali, I knew you would change my life, but I didn’t expect it this way! My life is completely different since I moved in Bali, 4 moths ago. But in the last 10 days, this island has twisted my world upside down. I knew Bali will change me, but I never thought that in such […]

Cum Insula Bali m-a forțat să îmi urmez visele

Wow Bali, mi-ai facut-o. . .Stiam ca tu ma vei schimba, stiam ca poate nu vei avea rabdare sa o luam usor, cu frumosul, in ritmul meu de om fricos. . Dar chiar asa?! In doar 10 zile, toata realitatea mea s-a rasucit si s-a rearanjat intr-un mod total neasteptat. Fara sa imi dau seama, […]