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What is Yoga – My life Before and After

What exactly is Yoga? I know that more and more people want to learn more about this path, because in today’s society a practice of relaxation and stilling of the mind is increasingly more necessary. But most of the time we don’t know where to start. The outside world, today’s society, is the reflection of […]

How I returned after 30 days of spiritual army in Bahamas

The road to self-discovery is not packed only with jasmine flowers, crystals and incense perfume. Sometimes, in order to remove a layer of preconceptions and useless identifications, we must dis-habituate the mind and the ego through exercises and intense practices, for a long period of time. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of […]

Diary of a spiritual experience in Bahamas – Week two

As you know, I am at the Sivananda Shrine in Bahamas – place where I am studying for the 500-hours yoga instructor certification. It is a very intense mental, emotional and physical experience. In this article, I will share with you my weekly diary. I am in an exotic paradise where I am forced to […]

Diary of the first week at the ashram in Bahamas

I’ve already been in the Bahamas for two weeks, many of you are wondering how, with whom and why. I already recounted the context of the experience in the last article. Two years ago, I came to the Bahamas in order to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). That was my first trip somehow […]

Travelling for the Soul – Sivananda Ashram in India

India has always been the ultimate destination for the spiritual seeker, and for one month and a half, is has been the place that helped me heal my broken heart.  Since I started practicing yoga, five years ago, a seed of desire has been planted in my heart, to experience an Ashram in India. I […]

Leaving the ashram in order to lose my balance again

Because that’s how the Universe sometimes works. You think you have reached a certain point, a balance point, but then there is some unresolved thing that catches up, so you are down again. But the good news is that you will never be down all the way. You just have another step to process in […]

Yoga journal #1

Yoga Journal # 1 romana: Prima lectie importanta pe care vreau sa vi-o impartasesc, din tot ceea ce primesc in acest curs intens, este : DISCIPLINA Este poate cea mai importanta unealta pe care o putem folosi intr-un parcurs de autocunoastere sau de dezvoltare spirituala. Mintea trebuie controlata, stapanita, folosita constient. Acest lucru se poate […]

A walk through the Ashram

#FOLLOWYOURDREAMS As you may know, Sivananda Ashram will be my home for the next month. Come and take a walk with me through this beautiful place I am taking here, the Yoga Teacher Training Course. I can tell you already that this is a life changing experience. I am in love with this place, the […]