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About happiness, with love from Bahamas

Probabil ca o sa spuneti: Perhaps you will say: “Of course you’re happy when you’re in the Bahamas,” well I’m not, because the mind can get used to anything, it can trivialize even the most beautiful and exotic landscape. And secondly, happiness comes from within, not from the external environment or events. I know you’ve […]

Diary of the first week at the ashram in Bahamas

I’ve already been in the Bahamas for two weeks, many of you are wondering how, with whom and why. I already recounted the context of the experience in the last article. Two years ago, I came to the Bahamas in order to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC). That was my first trip somehow […]

Why we women feel the need to go out into the wide world?

   Why do we feel that burning desire to leave into the world to rediscover ourselves and to experience new cultures and wonders of this Planet? It happens to you too, right? To have that feeling, that call to a particular reality, towards a change in life that will make you understand more about yourself, […]

All you need to know if you’re planning to go to Bali – tickets, accommodation, visa, expenses and other tips

During the past six months spent on the Island of Gods, Bali, I learned a lot of things about myself and about the energy of this realm. But to my benefit, I gained a lot of experience on living in that environment and now I want to share with you all my knowledge about it […]

A walk through Varanasi, India – a lesson of life and death

Yesterday was one of the most intense and interesting days of my life. India, Varanasi – the oldest city in the world, a place on the bank of the Ganges River that has attracted ancient religions and spiritual practices ever since 500 BC. I had heard it was hard to digest this experience, but now […]

If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be

This theory applies to anything, from a desire, to a person you love, from an event, to a path in life. . .  What is meant to be, will be . . . But do you have the courage to let go? Do you have the courage to stop controlling the events? What if it’s […]

Four steps to an amazing life – The Magic of Materialization

  We are creators on this Planet. We are not here just to eat, work, struggle for money, struggle with love and then die. We are here as the ones to enjoy this amazing gift, this amazing context, life on Planet Earth. I know it’s a difficult question, but what are we doing with this gift […]

A Dreamer Sailing in Thailand

A few years ago I was dreaming about moving in an exotic location and I was asking everyone who who did it: BUT HOW?! Now, I also lived that experience, but I want more examples in order to inspire you all. Let’s receive some answers . . . This story is about a true dreamer, a young man […]

Our Exotic Dream in Fiji – Third Date – A Trip Around The World

Our Third Date- A trip Around the World- Part II #ourexoticdream #flipacoin #traveltheworld The next step on our dream journey around the world, or as we call it,  our fourth date. Fiji – a feeling, an experience created together Fiji, the paradise destination for honeymooners, a 300 islands archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, and a very […]

Our third date – A Trip Around the World

                   #flipacoin #traveltheworld #ourexoticdream It took me awhile to write this article, because it’s one of the most important ones, I couldn’t find the words to describe what I am living now. Now, as I am starting to write, I have just arrived in Fiji, on a secluded island. I think this is how […]

Travelling for the Soul – Sivananda Ashram in India

India has always been the ultimate destination for the spiritual seeker, and for one month and a half, is has been the place that helped me heal my broken heart.  Since I started practicing yoga, five years ago, a seed of desire has been planted in my heart, to experience an Ashram in India. I […]

A dreamer writing in India

Dreamers by My Exotic Dream Finally the Dreamers project has started. I know that, when I was back home and dreaming about moving in an exotic location, I was asking everyone who already lived that experience: BUT HOW?! Let’s receive some answers . . . Now, I am living in Bali, and I have started this […]

What Ricefields? Enjoy the Indian Tea Plantations

I’ve spent 50 days in Kerala, South India, and I was mesmerised with it’s beauty and complexity. But in a certain place, I witnessed and photographed the most beautiful landscapes in my life.   This place is called Munnar, it’s located  1600 meters above sea level, an it’s the place where you can find unending […]

Ayurveda – Magical Science for the Body

Ayurveda, Magical Science for the Body, Mind and Soul During my 50 days spent in South India, I had the opportunity to experience the beauty of this authentic wellbeing practice, its benefits and it’s deep process of detoxing, physically but also emotionally. I went through a one week treatment at Erandia Marari Resort, in Kerala. More […]

Emotional and Physical Detox – Erandia Marari Ayurveda Resort Kerala

When I arrived here, I was a mess. I am always saying that a big transformation or a big evolution, comes with a period of chaos, emotional chaos, before peace, there is transformation, and sometimes transformation comes with suffering. This article is about the place that offered me the perfect environment for my emotional healing, […]

Leaving the ashram in order to lose my balance again

Because that’s how the Universe sometimes works. You think you have reached a certain point, a balance point, but then there is some unresolved thing that catches up, so you are down again. But the good news is that you will never be down all the way. You just have another step to process in […]

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