If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be

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If It’s Meant To Be, It Will Be

My Exotic Dream

This theory applies to anything, from a desire, to a person you love, from an event, to a path in life. . . 

What is meant to be, will be . . .

But do you have the courage to let go? Do you have the courage to stop controlling the events?

What if it’s not meant to be? Can you accept that? What if your feelings are deceiving you? Or what if your feelings are the only real thing in the middle of a mental chaos?

Maybe it sounds like a cliche, but what should we choose? The heart or the mind? I would always choose the heart, but what if it hurts too bad?

Choosing the heart means to act without ego, without logic and without reason.

I want to think that this society is becoming less and less superficial, and that the people are open for more meaningful life experiences. I want to think that people will start choosing more and more their heart.

It’s so easy so give advice when it’s someone else’s story: “Relax, if it’s meant to be it will be, the Universe knows best . . . Things will fall back into place, just give them time”.

But can you just surrender? Can you just give up? Sometimes it’s the best way . . .

After you’ve done everything that you could have done, just let go, because sometimes we are forcing something with our desire, energy and actions, that maybe it’s just not meant to be that way. We can’t see the bigger picture from where we are standing.

So there is only one thing left to do :


Let go . . .

Let go of control

Let go of  fear

Let go of the pain

Let go of hopes

Let go of all the expectations

Let go of ideas and misconceptions

Let go of all the negative emotions

Let go of all the thoughts in your head

Let go of all that you are feeling now

Let go of that idea in your mind : That’s how it should be

Let go of all regrets

Let go of all the images that hurt

Let go of all the chances

Let go of guilt

Just let it go and let it all just be

Let go . . .

Letting go doesn’t mean to erase, it means to surrender, to release all the tension from that certain subject. It means to let go , to jump into the unknown, to surrender to anything that is coming your way.

Because if it’s meant to be, it will always be . . .





I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around

1 Comment

  • Nina

    So real, but so hard to do. Can you please write about practical methods of learning to let go? What other than meditation do you know? Thank you!

    November 11, 2016 at 3:28 pm