7 Steps to Raise Money for Travelling

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7 Steps to Raise Money for Travelling

Travel piggy bank

“Where did you get the money to travel?” I get this question very often and I always encourage people to stop getting caught-up in this first hurdle, stop being afraid of needing money. I understand the question and the moments of panic in which we have too little money. Everything connects when motivations and desires come from the right place. From the moment I decided that I wanted this to be my road, everything unfolded in my path little by little. You must have patience and believe in your dreams. Money is also energy and when we focus our attention on the state that we want them to bring us on experiences it will somehow come into our reality.


How to raise money for the perfect destination?

Each of us has a destination close to their soul that they dream about and that remained in their mind. You must have the courage to dream of an extraordinary life and the confidence that you will be able to achieve your goals. For many, the salary represents a limitation in terms of travel budget, but by using some tricks you can save enough for these.

1. A more organized life

Organization is the key word. You have to keep a record of the monthly expenses and make a realistic calculation of your needs. Then, search for tickets and accommodation and estimate the amount that you need to travel. This way, you have a clear perspective on your budget, how much you need to save and how much you can actually set aside.

How to create a diary where you write down your expenses? For some of you, it will be easy to create an Excel sheet with each cost, date and what you bought, for others, a notepad or a shopping log will work. It is important to have a clear record.

2. The travel piggy bank

The next thing you must do is to have a travel piggy bank. A special account to redirect a percentage of your salary is an effective method. This way you are sure that a part of your income will be set aside each month for travels. Another option would be to use a card only for travels and deposit a higher or lower amount. It is effective and practical because you need a card with which to pay for the plane tickets, hotel reservations and medical insurance.

3. Set an objective

Another important thing is to establish a deadline, a clear, achievable objective. I plan most of my travels ahead of the time. Try to have a fixed date for your trip, for example November next year. So you’ll be more motivated to raise the necessary money and you will know how much you should set aside each month. Constantly look for inspiration online, for information about the place you want to go to, offers and reasonably priced plane tickets.

4. Hunt for deals

Buy plane tickets in advance, especially if you find a very good offer. I recommend you subscribe to the newsletter from Qatar Airways, Turkish Airways or any other airline that has flights to your dream-destination.

Personally, when I’m planning to visit a certain place, I constantly check sites like Skyscanner.com and momondo.com. Sometimes agencies from Romania also have many interesting packages to exotic destinations. Just simply search on Google: offer for destination X package.

5. Gifts for your birthday

The best solution is to make a wish list to send to family and friends. Inform your friends about the journey you wish to make, itinerary, dates. We all receive gifts that sometimes we don’t like or that don’t suit us. Instead of the Christmas or birthday gift they can contribute with an amount for the trip.

6. Get rid of unnecessary stuff

Another option is to sell things you no longer use in fairs, yard sales or online. Each of us has in their wardrobe at least one dress or a pair of pants that they fell in love with, but never wore and, of course, never will. By selling items that you no longer need, you clear your house in a profitable way. It doesn’t matter how small the amount is, it will count in the end nonetheless.

7. Give up a Vice

You can also save money by giving up a vice, for example smoking. That money can turn into funds for travelling. If you compare any vice with you walking around that place you dream about will definitely be worth quitting something destructive that brings you no real benefit. This way, you have a double advantage, you can fulfill your dream and do something for yourself. This vice can also be shopping or overeating.

One of the main problems of our society is the wastage of food. Try to buy from markets or from local producers and cook your food at home. By only buying the food you need you’ll save more money for travel.

It may seem impossible or at least difficult, but do not forget that the first step is to dream. All these small actions will lead you closer to realizing your desire. Let yourself be inspired by that destination or by other people who are travelling, let that energy and that enthusiasm bring all that is most beautiful in your life. Success!

You can also read this article in which I talked about the fear regarding money, back when I was dreaming of travelling.

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  • mirela16

    Super articol! Si eu primesc de multe ori aceasta intrebare. Dar poti calatori cu bani mai putini si sa te distrezi mai bine. Sunt total de acord cu un cont pentru vacanta, Eu nu am un cont, dar am un loc unde tin banii special pentru asta si sunt tare mandra cand ii scot de acolo si ii folosesc asa cum imi place. Mai mult, renunt de multe ori la lucruri care nu imi sunt neaparat necesare. 🙂

    September 12, 2017 at 12:18 pm