How To Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling Without Stressing About Money

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How To Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling Without Stressing About Money

How to fulfill your dream of traveling without stressing about money

We all have a destination etched into mind, where we wish we would go to, either after seeing a movie that made us dream, a book we read that inspired us, photos or a conversation with a friend. An idea suddenly resonates with us, an image, a desire to be there and to experience that place with all it has to offer, whether it is the exoticism of Bali, the energy and diversity of India or the romance and culture of any place in Europe something that conveys a strong emotion. That thought remains in our mind or in the unconscious, and we slowly begin to see that destination in ads, on a billboard at the subway, we simply hear that name in a discussion, the signs begin to appear. IMG_8295-3-min

However, the mental map of potential destinations for many of us remains a desire that never gets to be materialized. Many of us don’t fulfill their most ardent dreams because they feel they can’t, that their time has passed or that they don’t afford to do that, that they have other responsibilities and that their own desires are perhaps too selfish.

The idea for this article came to me after I heard or read comments more and more often where people said “they would travel if they had the money.” What prevents them to pursue their dream of meditating in India or doing yoga in Bali is the lack of funds. An exotic place may seem at first glance hardly accessible and very expensive. That’s why, after travelling to over 35 countries, I decided to share my spiritual, as well as my material experiences with you.

My dears, it is not necessarily more expensive to travel across the ocean. The thing that scares us is the price of plane ticket that can exceed 500 euros, but we recover along the way by the fact that the food is much cheaper, same as the accommodation. (Here I refer particularly to the Asian countries, not to the very expensive destinations like Maldives, or the Caribbean). Perhaps we have to give up the comfort that European hotels offer, but the experience will definitely be worth it.

While travelling, the most important lesson for me was that I can overcome my fears. A few years ago I had a continuous state of anxiety, which I’ve told you before, that controlled everything I was doing. From the moment I left, and I tore myself away from the familiar home environment all my fears disappeared, because I discovered that I can do everything I set my mind on.

Sometimes we are afraid to fulfill our dreams. A journey to a distant place, alone or with people you don’t know is a beautiful idea, but which few would put into practice. It is likely that many of us let ourselves be guided by their own fears and preconceptions, and never get to go on that experience that we truly desire.

bambu indah

How expensive is an exotic trip?

First of all, there are a few things that can save you a considerable portion of the budget. In addition to the accommodation costs, plane tickets are the ones who require a considerable amount. My advice is to plan a trip with at least 4-5 months before to be able to benefit from the best deals. Periodically, all airlines with international flights across the ocean have offers for exotic destinations. This way you will have the time to save up all the money necessary for your trip. Constantly check the website of Qatar Airways because they have very good deals and connections.

Another way you can save is by avoiding to stay 3-4 stars at hotels and choosing guest houses that have an extraordinarily advantageous price or ashrams which will give you an authentic experience of the place.

I recommend you look on Air Bnb, no matter where you travel in this world.

Accommodation in S-E Asia for example is relatively cheap and starts out from a few tens of dollars per night. It is best you have U.S. dollars to exchange for rupees.

Tegalalang Rice Field

Tegalalang Rice Field

How expensive is life there?

In terms of food, it is very cheap compared to Europe. A plentiful lunch reaches $10 a day and some ashrams in India include it in the accommodation price.

Transportation is another aspect that frightens many of us when we go to someplace new, either in Europe or beyond. In Bali, the cost of renting a car with a driver which will be very useful to take with you from one place to another is $50 per day. The advantage when travelling in a group is that the costs are divided.

The scooter is an effective means of getting around in Bali, the rental cost per month is around 250 lei, while a car is 150 lei per day. So if you have the guts, I recommend the two-wheeled transport, you don’t sit in traffic and it’s much cheaper.

Souvenirs are very cheap, and in Bali, you must know that almost everything is negotiable and you can end up buying something at half or even less than the amount originally sought. Most of the souvenirs I bought from stands, especially in the days when there weren’t any tourists and the prices were much lower. And many times I stopped negotiating because the price was already too low for the efforts required for the realization of that object.

I will also touch on the topic of working while travelling. If you have decided to escape into an exotic paradise for a few months, you can work or volunteer. In the worst case you will receive accommodation and food in exchange, and in the best scenario a modest salary. For such opportunities, you can check out this website: https://www.workaway.info/


The passion for travelling, the curiosity for everything that surrounds me, the desire to discover new cultures, people and places with a great spiritual load, the need to follow a path of self-discovery for me are reasons enough to go on a new journey.

Don’t let your fear regarding money stop you from dreaming, from any point of view. When we have the necessary energy and a burning desire, somehow things just click and the path on which this vision can be achieved will also come. Money is energy as well, and for materializing a desire, they shouldn’t be the primary goal, but the experience we can have through them, whether it’s travel, material goods or gestures for others. Money comes if we do not trip over doubts. Nor do you have to think of which way or when they will show up, you just keep your enthusiasm, faith and that material and spiritual state of abundance.

By freeing ourselves from fears and letting our mind dream, we can realize our most powerful ideas and do our best to fulfill them. A journey for the soul is accessible for anyone who decides to take the first step. I was also afraid when my dream began to take shape, but by stepping out of the comfort zone, I discovered that the future can give you much more than you ever dared to hope for. If you want to free yourselves from fears and live an authentic experience, I invite you to join me in the next journeys to Bali and India.


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