How To Create An Ideal Life – 5 Rules of The Law of Attraction

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How To Create An Ideal Life – 5 Rules of The Law of Attraction

How do we become the mages of our own reality? 

I believe I found my answer to the question “What is our purpose in this lifetime?”. I hope you noticed the emphasis on MY (answer). Since the most important gift in this lifetime is free will, I leave each and one of you to discover your own answer hoping that mine may inspire you.

Christianity, Hindu and many other religions say that we are a part of God, that each of us bears that divine core. This is why I believe that we are the creators of this reality as God (the Universe, Brahma, the primordial Energy or whichever name this concept has in your belief) is the Creator of the material world. At a much smaller scale, we are Creators on this Planet.



We are here to play, to experiment, to discover and to create.

Although, how do we take control over this complex reality? How do we assume the role of Creators instead of remaining in a state where we are led by daily circumstances without any time to materialize our desires?

Fortunately, in this lifetime we can enjoy the Law of Attraction. This is the law by which we attract into our reality any object, circumstance or person into which we invest our energy. Nevertheless, things are not so simple, the magical invocation is a little more complex than we are let to believe by the New Age / Spiritual movement nowadays.


However, there is a generally valid idea: if you have negative thoughts and a negative perspective on live, it is highly likely that you will attract circumstances which resonate with that vibration.




Let’s see which really are those magical invocations through which we can attract or materialize what we desire in this lifetime. How to become the mages of our own reality. 



 1. Give what you would like to receive

This is one of the most important laws of this Universe. What you give, you will receive. You give love, you receive love, you put out negative energy, you will at one point, out of somewhere, get back negative energy. Although, we can use this law to attract beautiful and good things into our life. This philosophy is well detailed and explained in the book “The Diamond Cutter” by Geshe Michael Roach. The general idea is as follows:

  • If you want money, give money to the needy.
  • If you want a relationship, offer some of your time to those who feel lonely, such as to the elderly.
  • If you want to be successful in business, offer some of your experience to someone who wants to start a small business.

Whatever you may wish for, offer that thing or offer some of your energy so that someone else can accomplish their wish. It seems a bit abstract, right? But it works.

When we give, we are the best version of ourselves that we can be, when we give we are doing something for others, we are accomplishing a part of our mission in this lifetime. The more you give, the more you understand that happiness doesn’t necessarily come from selfishness or from all those material goods which we chase all our lives. Happiness is something much more subtle than this, it can be sensed through others, through the happiness of others.



2. Ask and you shall receive!

Be careful though, you might actually get it! 🙂

Visualize what you desire or an ideal situation in which you wish to be, either personally or professionally. Don’t think about how that will come to be or when. Keep your mind from gathering doubts and uncertainties. Just dream!

After desire comes belief. Belief is the most difficult among all because fears and thoughts make their appearance most of the time. Though when we train our belief and we remain in a positive spirit, then the results of your wishes will appear.

Although, how do we maintain our beliefs? By exercise, every time doubt tries to appear, we consciously come back to the positive state, without feeding it energy. It’s all about practice, our mind is used to doing what it wants, across our lives it has acquired preconceptions, fears and all sorts of useless ideas, but now we will teach ourselves out of using them. Not everything we think is real, never forget this.

Pay attention to yourself whenever you wish for something or whenever you try to visualize something. What feelings do you have in those moments? Should you have negative feelings, it means that somewhere in your subconscious your belief is limited, an event in your life or in the life of those around you will make you unconsciously believe that you do not deserve or what you wish for is not possible. The more we discover these obstacles in our belief the more it will become easier to remove them.



3. Everything materializes though you

You are the alchemist as well as your laboratory. Everything happens through you.

This concept is a little more difficult to explain, we are very used to relate to our exterior, to everything that surrounds us that we totally ignore our inner magic and power. We identify ourselves by what is around us, with the vision that others have of us and we limit ourselves. Although when it comes to materialization and to the Law of attraction, we must relate to our inner self.

More exactly, what I mean to say is: we don’t have the force to materialize if we think about how we would want someone outside of ourselves to behave or how certain events to take place. We have the power to materialize when we let the energy flow through us.

Take a pretty ordinary example:we want an ideal relationship. How do we materialize this from within, by relating to ourselves?

We must feel like a person who is in an ideal relationship.

In order to materialize an ideal relationship, I don’t think that my boyfriend should love me, do anything special in particular or bring me flowers every morning. In order to materialize, I will feel loved, cherished, feel like that person for which he would do anything, feel like that person who deserves to receive flowers every morning. Do you get the idea? The starting point of visualization is our own person.

Let’s say I want a house. I don’t think for 7000 hours about how I can afford a house or where it will be etc. I think of how I would feel in that house, what I would do inside and how I would set it up.

Everything flows through you, you are the mage and you are also the magic wand.



4. Detach yourself

After taking all these steps, we are to let things happen, let the Universe work and let the energies roam.

If we insist too much on a wish, if we become obsessive, then we do not let things happen. Most of the times we attach ourselves to our wish, to our plan or to the idea which we want to materialize. Attachment is good in no circumstance, which is why we should detach.

To detach, in this situation, means letting energy free, it means letting things settle how it’s best, it means bowing to the law of attraction and letting it work for us. Have faith and let events unfold.

So often I find myself overthinking a situation or thinking too detailed, then I relax and say: I know I attract what is best and most beautiful for me in me. And so it is, I have faith and I give in. you may use this phrase anytime, even if you don’t have a dream or an idea at that time which you wish to materialize in your life.

5. Act on it

Nothing happens if there are no actions, right? The previous steps are probably the most important, because everything starts out as an idea, then becomes energy or potential. Nonetheless, action, in some cases, is the engine of events unfolding.

For example, if we want a successful career or a prospering business, we cannot sit idly while we wait for suitcases full of money to fall out of the sky. We take all the steps mentioned above, but then we also do something on a material basis. Every action has an effect.

Are you planning to change your job? Visualize the best job for you and then you should send some CV-s.

If you want to fulfill a dream, let’s say to travel. Take small actions in this direction, look for tickets, talk to your friends, send some e-mails, research online about possibilities to travel without paying so much money.

Let me give you my example: I wanted very much to have a profession which involved traveling and to have a spiritual side. I wanted this for years but I did not know where to begin. Nevertheless, one morning while I was sitting with my laptop in bed I made a google search: How to travel and earn money out of it? I discovered an article about professions which require travelling, and among those there was that of a yoga instructor. In that moment, it was as if all the energies which had built up all those years had flooded and had the opportunity to enter into materiality. As of that moment, everything arranged perfectly in my path._MG_0458


Are you ready to become responsible for your reality? Are you ready to truly believe that anything is possible and that you can make all your wishes come true? Feed on your own enthusiasm, use the Law of attraction and become the mages of this lifetime!







I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around