My Answer to the Question: How Can I Do What You Are Doing?

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My Answer to the Question: How Can I Do What You Are Doing?

Wow, how many times I‘ve been asked this question … Now I will give a general answer, because very often I was reluctant to respond to this somewhat uncomfortable question.

Why does it seem uncomfortable? Because it’s like asking how can I be YOU?!

Friends and readers have contacted me so many times wanting to find that “magic recipe” by which they can do what I’m doing. But the issue was set wrong from the beginning. To the question “How can I do what you do?” my answer is: “What’s your own story?”

Yes, I live out of passion and for passion, I travel, I love, I discover, I experiment, I look for beauty and enjoy it. This is my dream, which I create every day. It is perhaps an ideal lifestyle, but more often than not, all is not quite as rosy as it seems, especially this world, on social media or in a story meant to inspire.

For me, reading, yoga, the blog and photography are some passions that I worked for, they have been the tools that I’ve used to get to this point, to this occupation. But to “take out the elephant in the room”, no, I cannot sustain myself financially solely with my blog, though I hope I will reach that point.

My lifestyle is a choice, just like choosing any other profession, any occupation, any path in life.

If you do decide now to open your own business, what do you do? First, you invest, money, energy and a lot of time. Then you hope that everything you invested will return, will multiply, though you do not have this guarantee. But go forward. The same applies to this “ideal life, this perfect job”. It’s an investment, it’s an occupation in which you must invest and hope that you will have a result. Even more than that, it’s a little harder than a regular business because the instructions are not clear, the road has not been beaten by so many people and you don’t have any kind of guarantee that the path you have chosen will actually lead anywhere. But it’s worth it! For every second spent in authenticity and complexity, in the beauty of this planet!

But, as I said above, it is a choice, a path that increasingly more dreamers chose. And this makes me happy.

When I started this blog, people asked me what I wanted to convey, what result I was expecting. And I said that I wish to inspire, to convey people the courage to dream, to show them that we can create the ideal life, that we can take control of our own reality. I wanted to inspire, to be a living proof that we can live a magical life. And that is what I managed to do ever since the first articles that I wrote.

And then my life was arranged in such a way that I had increasingly more proof and wonderful stories to convey to people as inspiration.

So how can you do what I do?

I can’t say that, because every human being has his or her uniqueness, and everybody’s life story is different. But I can tell you how to dream, how to sketch an ideal life, how to have faith and how to realize your deepest desires.  

Perhaps your story is going to look very much like mine, already there are some people who have copied elements from in my dream, but I don’t mind, it bothers me that they don’t have the courage to dream of their own story, that maybe they can provide something more through their version of reality.


Don’t think: What do I do to have what X has? Consider: I am letting myself be inspired; what magical story can I create in this lifetime? What more can I bring?

Steps – simple to list and difficult to go over:

  1. Let yourself be inspired

    Whatever your passion is, find constant inspiration. Look for images, photos, stories. Teach your mind that it is possible, that it is achievable, that other people have done this and succeeded. The second benefit of inspiration is that it brings creative energy and enthusiasm is the engine of great dreams.

  2. Dream

    Create a story, dreaming with your eyes open … How would an ideal life look for you? What would be an ideal occupation for you? Your partner? Your house? Etc. dream, but not in specific terms because it may be best to let the Universe surprise you, most of the times you get more than you think. Everything can be more beautiful than you imagined. When I dream I don’t think of too many details or the way in which I will achieve the desired result. Our mind is sometimes limited and cannot comprise all the possible versions of reality. So just dream and feel that emotion growing in your soul. That emotion will be your energy.

  3. Believe

    Belief is learnt, it is harvested. Our minds can be our best ally or worst enemy in the process of fulfilling our dreams. The mind is our number one pawn, which is why it should be trained to be focused on goals, disciplined, to believe that it is possible and to to think grandly. The mind is the number one soldier that we send out to conquer both the space of imagination and material reality.

  4. Act on it

    The dream is the first step, but nothing really materializes without action. But don’t limit your actions because of your preconceptions or the rules. You know what it’s like, if you’re thrown out the door, you jump back in through the window. What I mean is to try, talk to people, send mails, ask left and right, you never know where the rabbit may jump from – whatever your field may be. When I started out with my blog, I gave dozens of e-mails, asking, making proposals, this is how I created a few wonderful collaborations and friendships. Even though you may not know where to start, do even the smallest thing on a daily basis towards realizing your dream. Whether you make a plan, whether you’re doing some research online, contacting someone or signing-up for a course, every action is a new stepping stone in the path to materializing your desires.

Increasingly more people are now choosing to live a life differently, a life in which they have the courage to create their own path.

Throughout S-E Asia live expats working online, teaching yoga, volunteering, creating jewelry and many other occupations. In this era of high speed internet, you can communicate from a white sandy beach with a colleague that is in the office on 17th floor of a multinational company building.

The limits nowadays are becoming fewer, because dreamers like us have pushed them further and further. Dare to dream big!

So, forget about what I’m doing, what are YOU doing?

My Exotic Dream – Inspiration for a magical life!




I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around


  • Roxana

    Foarte bine punctat!!!! Cred ca foarte multi se opresc la stadiul “actioneaza”…trebuie sa lupti pentru visele tale….nu pica nimic din cer

    September 21, 2017 at 12:30 pm
  • DaddyCool.ro

    Cred că atunci când o persoană vrea să facă ceea ce faci tu, aleargă după o iluzie, după ceva ușor, caută scăpare dintr-o rutină care nu o face să se simtă confortabil. Dacă i-ar plăcea cu adevărat aceeași nișă ca cea pe care ți-ai ales-o tu, probabil că ar avea ceva deja început, ar studia fenomenul și ar înțelege că nu e deloc ușor. Poate că ți-ar spune doar că a visat la un asemenea hobby, a început să-și urmeze visul și acum înțelege că nu e ușor să ajungi să faci exact ceea ce îți place, într-o lume în care ți se cere să nu ieși din tipare. Îmi place cum gândești. Evident, poveștile tuturor sunt diferite, indiferent cât de similare ar părea, așadar o „rețetă” poate funcționa perfect pentru X, în vreme ce pentru Y deloc… Zic să ne căutăm în suflete, să descoperim ce ne place cu adevărat și să mergem pe acel drum. Chiar dacă pare mai greu decât al altora. Oricum, doar pare. 🙂

    September 21, 2017 at 3:58 pm