A Dreamer Sailing in Thailand

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A Dreamer Sailing in Thailand

A few years ago I was dreaming about moving in an exotic location and I was asking everyone who who did it: BUT HOW?! Now, I also lived that experience, but I want more examples in order to inspire you all. Let’s receive some answers . . .

aventura pe ocean


This story is about a true dreamer, a young man that has left his home and now he is sailing on the most turquoise waters of Thailand. And this is his amazing business now, showing people the most secluded and beautiful islands from that part of the world. How amazing is that?!




What is the best advice you can give to other dreamers who want to move to an exotic place? It would be the best decision of your life!

1.What is your name?


2. Which country are you currently living (or travelling) in? How long have you been there?

Thailand, 4 years.

3. Where are you originally from?


4. What desire initially pushed you to begin a life of travelling?

My childhood dream of sailing around the world.

5. When you first moved abroad, how did you manage (financially and practically) to make the move?

Back in 2011 I sold my company back home, came to Thailand, and built my dream boat.

6. How easy is it for an expat to move to Thailand? (Visa, Acceptance by locals, Budget)

I am staying here with the visa obtained from Thailand’s embassy in Romania. The paperwork and process for obtaining a visa for Thailand is not that easy, but it is fair. Thai people are well known for their smile and warm heart, if you treat them with respect and kindness you will not have any accommodation issues here. The budget in Thailand it’s a complicated topic as the entire country is mixture of cruel poverty and high luxury. So I guess the budget is not an issue for any expat here. It only depends on the lifestyle you are used to.

7. What was your occupation when you first moved ? How were you earning your living? Did your occupation involved travelling?

After building my boat, almost all my friends wanted to join me in a small vacation, sailing the seas. But my initial plan was to travel the world… So that’s when I came up with the concept of aventurapeocean.ro – I’m traveling the world and you are coming with me!

8. What is your current occupation?

Captain of my own catamaran – Mojo

9. Can you tell us a basic budget that you need for a month of accommodation, food and transportation at your current location?

Depends what kind of lifestyle and expectations you have. You can live in a treehouse and eat street food with no more than 200€/month. Or you can live in a nice apartment or small villa and eat out all the time at decent restaurants with about 2000€/month.

10. Did you make any mistakes when you first moved abroad? If so, what would you do differently?

I like not to think of them as mistakes, but more as experiences from which you learn and grow. If I would have done something different then maybe I would not have been myself right now.

11. What is the best advice you can give to other dreamers who want to move to an exotic place?

It would be the best decision of your life!

And yes, he has also found The One to share his dream with <3

Aventura pe Ocean


If you want to follow Razvan’s amazing life or you even want to join him on Mojo:


Instagram: @aventurapeocean






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