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7 things I fell in love with at Melia Hotel in Dubai

Don’t know where to start . . . Well, I arrived in Dubai on a late Sunday evening, at the beginning of this month. I was shocked by the heat that hit me straight in the face. I knew that September is not a good month to visit UAE, but I never thought that I […]

24 hours of travelling – Dubai to Seychelles

My last 24 hours were pretty intense, tiring but extremely interesting. You know that feeling when you manage to do and see so many things in some days, and in others you just wait for time to pass? Well, from yesterday morning, I got to travel and experience different places of this planet. I started […]

#myDubai maybe not #myStyle

#FollowingSummer Ca in fiecare an, am prelungit putin starea de vacanta si de vara, pastrand pentru luna Septembrie plecarea intr-o tara calda. Anul acesta eu am ales Seychelles, pentru ca este una dintre putinele destinatii exotice in care nu este sezon ploios vara. La mijlocul distantei de zbor intre Bucuresti si Seychelles, se afla Dubai-ul, […]