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How To Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling Without Stressing About Money

How to fulfill your dream of traveling without stressing about money We all have a destination etched into mind, where we wish we would go to, either after seeing a movie that made us dream, a book we read that inspired us, photos or a conversation with a friend. An idea suddenly resonates with us, […]

All you need to know if you’re planning to go to Bali – tickets, accommodation, visa, expenses and other tips

During the past six months spent on the Island of Gods, Bali, I learned a lot of things about myself and about the energy of this realm. But to my benefit, I gained a lot of experience on living in that environment and now I want to share with you all my knowledge about it […]

How Bali forced me to follow my dreams

Wow Bali, I knew you would change my life, but I didn’t expect it this way! My life is completely different since I moved in Bali, 4 moths ago. But in the last 10 days, this island has twisted my world upside down. I knew Bali will change me, but I never thought that in such […]

Cum Insula Bali m-a forțat să îmi urmez visele

Wow Bali, mi-ai facut-o. . .Stiam ca tu ma vei schimba, stiam ca poate nu vei avea rabdare sa o luam usor, cu frumosul, in ritmul meu de om fricos. . Dar chiar asa?! In doar 10 zile, toata realitatea mea s-a rasucit si s-a rearanjat intr-un mod total neasteptat. Fara sa imi dau seama, […]

A Dreamer Painting in Bali

  Finally the Dreamers project has started. I know that, when I was back home and dreaming about moving in an exotic location, I was asking everyone who already lived that experience: BUT HOW?! Let’s receive some answers . . . Now, I am living in Bali, and I have started this blog category in order […]

Pampering for my Body, Mind and Heart @ Taksu, Ubud

It’s my first Valentine’s as a single person. The pain comes from the fact that the split happened very recently, like 5 days ago. I will talk about this in a future article, when I will let you know about my plans for my next trip in India and The Maldives. A journey for the spirit, but […]

My Best Spa Experience in Bali

There are so many Spas in Bali, that you can’t even imagine. . . I’ve visited a few, but one of them has offered me a special experience. This story is about a special evening that I have experienced in Bali, a spa session by the river, at Nandini Jungle Resort & Spa. The whole […]

A Vision in Paradise – Bambu Indah Bali

Dreamers, visionaries, artists, idealists, and very ambitious people are choosing this magical island, Bali, to become their home or their creative playground.   One of these examples are John and Cynthia Hardy, a couple that has moved to Bali back in 1975. Since then, they have materialised numerous dreams and visions that opened new horizons […]

Window Shopping in Ubud

As you may know, Ubud is heaven for the modern yogi.   Multiple yoga studios and sanctuaries, a looooot of vegan and healthy restaurants, art and numerous “spiritual clothing stores”, as I like to call them. Here, they are selling as a souvenir yoga mats and yoga mat bags 🙂 You know how Harry Potter […]

How my holiday in Bali transformed into a stay

Because dreams do come true And how not to freak out when they do come true?! Remember when I told you about one month ago, that I have just arrived in Bali with no plans whatsoever? Just with a return ticket after 30 days? In fact I had the intention to find a way to […]

Dreamland Beach, Uluwatu

Dreamland Beach is one of the top 10 beaches you can enjoy in Bali.   I’ve seen a good amount of beaches in this beautiful island, so now I can have an honest opinion about this one also. Dreamland beach in located in the South part of Bali, near Uluwatu Temple. If you are in […]

Following the Sunset around Bali

Like in many other exotic places around the world, in Bali, watching a beautiful sunset has became a very good business. But who can blame them? It’s a wonderful experience to watch such a beautiful view ,while drinking a cocktail on a nice beach. Another great thing about this moment of the day? The amazing […]

Bali dogs, living in the duality of human being

I love dogs since I was very little. . . I really understand their way of being, their nature.  They are a wonderful addition for this Planet, they can teach us about emotions and about living into the present. A dog is the only being that puts itself second and the human first. A dog […]

Top Things To Do In Bali

I visited Bali last year and I really want to go back, most of the people do. . . I started planning the trip to Indonesia 6 months before, you can imagine that I had some time to search almost all the internet to find out the best things to do in Bali.  I was […]

10 useful things to know about Bali

  For me and many others, Bali is Heaven on Earth, for some it’s only an exotic destination without white sand beaches and turquoise water. Whether you will fall in love with this place or not, I have some practical things that will help you in this trip.   1. Traffic !! All main roads […]

Bali # 3 Padang Padang & Uluwatu

Ne-am trezit cat de dimineata am putut, avand in vedere ca inca nu ni s-a reglat somnul, am mancat un mic dejun colorat, gatit de bucatarul nostru minunat, iar apoi am plecat cu masina spre un loc in care sa facem plaja si surf, in sud-vestul insulei. Noi aveam in gand sa mergem in Kuta, […]