About happiness, with love from Bahamas

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About happiness, with love from Bahamas

Probabil ca o sa spuneti: Perhaps you will say: “Of course you’re happy when you’re in the Bahamas,” well I’m not, because the mind can get used to anything, it can trivialize even the most beautiful and exotic landscape. And secondly, happiness comes from within, not from the external environment or events.

I know you’ve heard this many times, but did you really understand this principle? I just now started to feel it and with this occasion, I want to share with you the realizations I had in this spiritual journey in the Bahamas.


Maybe you know from previous articles, that I’m at an ashram in Paradise Island for two weeks, where I am taking an intensive Yoga course. Intensive meaning approximately 16 hours of practice a day (meditation, chanting, pranayama, philosophy, yoga, nutrition etc.).

Returning to happiness, you can be sad in the Bahamas, I for one went through all possible states. Though I knew that’s how it will be, because everything here is designed to make you overcome your mental, emotional and physical limits.

Though you win so much, so much knowledge and spiritual experience, due to discipline and a genuine practice.

In my opinion, we are reincarnated on this Earth to experiment and enjoy the complexity of this lifetime, but we all want is to be happy. Everything we do has the need to be happy as inner motivation. But we get lost along the way, in the social chaos, in the outside world, trying to do as much as possible, hoping that we will gain that ideal recipe that will bring us happiness in this lifetime. But while we are busy doing, we forget to be, we forget to know ourselves and to look inside, who knows what wonders we will find there. Both yoga and many other psychological or spiritual philosophies claim that the true state of happiness lies within us.

Hindu scriptures say that our natural state is bliss, a little more than happiness, but the bustle of our mind and our everyday life have made us forget and be too focused on what’s happening in the outside universe.

But the desire to search for that state has remained … And it will always remain …  

We find temporary happiness in things, people or situations, but then we suffer because nothing around us is permanent.

We reflect our version of happiness in a partner, we cling to him/her, we only see that projection from our mind, and when he/she does not behave exactly as we dreamt, we suffer again. We constant cling to people and goals which we believe will make us happy. But you realize what a huge responsibility put on the shoulders of those people? Do you realize how vulnerable we become and how wrong this inner intent of ours is? We most of the times you don’t love the person in front of us for who they really are, we love them for the way they make us feel.

Now let’s change the perspective a little. Imagine how it would be self-accountable for your own happiness, to be emotionally independent. This is what true freedom really is. For our inner state to not be dependent on anyone and anything. Only on ourselves. We are, however the only item in this Universe that we can control, with a little work, but it is possible. When we reach that state of “bliss” coming from the inside, all we experiment will have gone through that filter, every person we meet, we would sincerely love, no attachments, no expectations.

Nobody said that is easy to develop such an emotional maturity, but it is possible and it’s certainly worth it. For the freedom and happiness independent of impermanent exterior elements.

It’s only natural that holidays, material things or the passion of love make us happy, but even in those moments, everything comes from within, they’re just inner buttons that are being pressed and that wonderful state appears of which we become dependent.  

It is unrealistic and very frustrating to think that we may be continually happy, this is not the idea we want to follow.

The main cause of our suffering is our attachment to a certain result that you want.

Perhaps you’ve heard the theories that this reality is only a projection, and that even quantum physics discovered that matter, in its essence, is not solid, but pure energy. Our perception shapes of both our inner and outer universe.



But how do we take control?

Through self-discovery, through love, discipline, knowledge, openness and an intense desire to change the mechanisms inside us which have been working like this for thousands and thousands of years.

In the ashram we learned the next steps to reaching our essence, that state of happiness and balance that doesn’t depend on external elements:

  • First, it is very good to mentally implement as best as possible the idea which we want to stabilize. In this case, the fact that happiness comes from within and that our essence, the one beyond thoughts, emotions and energies, is bliss. We do this by meditating on this topic, repeating affirmations and reading as many books that promote this state of mind as possible. Read, take courses, and listen to online conferences. You can create a new way of thinking, through exercise. Happiness comes only from within us and that is why we can control it.
  • Meditate. Meditate. Meditate. Through meditation, we calm those waves that don’t let us truly see into the depth of our mind. For meditation, though, discipline is needed. Meditate for at least 20 minutes every day. In this article I will say more about the practice of meditation that helped me the most. After discipline, you also need patience.
  • Practice yoga or any other kind of exercise that will help you focus and observe the energy of your body.
  • Believe in yourself or in a superior force – not that they’re not one and the same thing. You are magicians in this creation, so we urge you to use your own strengths to no longer let yourselves be manipulated by your own mind and your own inharmonious programs. Belief will help most on this path towards your inner being.

When you get to the source, when you pass the fears, traumas, memories, thoughts and emotions, then you will discover that you can be happy like this, simply, here and now, in the PRESENT.







I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around