7 Books That Transformed My Life

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7 Books That Transformed My Life

How did I get to where I am now? How did I get to travel all over the world, to guide people in their spiritual experiences and to live my dream? How did I arrive in this point, given that three years ago I was afraid to go up to the corner of the street?


Let me tell you how it all went down, with patience, practice (yoga and meditation) and a long process of change and training of mental habits. It all starts with the mind. I had to get rid of the fear, the fear was in my mind, I had to learn to have the courage to dream, again through my mind, and then I had to visualize and create the life that I really wanted. This process lasted for years, but during that time, when I went to bed I had towers of books sitting at the top of my bed which helped me change the way I think and see the world.

In any emotional and mental transformation process, there are steps, epiphanies, realizations and those moments when you think that from the second you arrived to that knowledge, nothing will ever be the same, because YOU UNDERSTAND. For me, almost all of these thresholds, these stages were marked by a book that I read and that brought me a new vision, or helped me to better implement a certain thinking system.

Our mind forgets and often trivializes any achievement, after a certain period of time. It takes that enlightened information and puts it in a shabby “drawer” because it doesn’t know what else to do with it.

For example, has it ever happened to you to take a course on personal development, to leave there totally changed, with new ideas and a new energy that leaves you the impression that your life has changed? But what happens after 2-3 weeks? Most likely, you return to the previous state. Why? Because the mind must be trained to be able to maintain a certain state, or a particular belief system.

This process is called neuroplasticity. Is the brain’s ability to form new habits, new neural connections, but this is possible only through practice. I have heard that we can integrate a new habit, in 70 days. You can read an interesting article here.

Therefore, books are extremely important. Books are the easiest way to practice a new vision, a new approach on life or our inner world. That’s why books are the ones that are always beside us in this process of self-discovery and continuous evolution. They are there to feed our mind with new ideals.

I decided that in this article I will tell you a little about those books that have left a mark on the different stages of discovery along my path, those books that made me see life differently and gave me real tools for transformation.



 1. Evolve your brain by Joe Dispenza

This selection of books isn’t necessarily in a certain sequence according to their importance in my life, but this piece by Joe Dispenza is indeed no. 1. This book speaks clearly about the science of changing the way we think and perceive the world, stepping out of mental habits and the continuous cycle of negative thoughts. “Evolve your brain” is the book that made me understand everything, but everything starts from the mind and that anything can be changed through practice. It’s a gift that you can make in this lifetime, you can use your mind to accomplish anything and especially to gain happiness. You just have to be guided correctly, after decades of freedom in which he integrated information and experiences in an unhealthy way.


2. Buddha’s Brain by Rick Hanson PhD and Dr.‎ Richard Mendius MD

Buddha’s brain also talks about neuroscience and about the different mental transformation techniques. It is said that it is the practical neuroscience to obtaining happiness, love and wisdom. It’s what what we all want, right? Well, it all starts from the mind, and Buddhists have always know this. Through this book they offer us some new ways in which we can achieve “Buddha’s mind”, a state of manifestation from which we can then materialize an ideal life.

This book is a little easier and shorter than “Evolve your brain”, but I recommend you read them both to be able to truly implement these new systems of thought.

3. Eat. Pray. Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

This story inspired me. It’s a book easy to read that gave me a feeling of wellbeing and nourished the desire to go through something similar. And I realize now that after 5-6 years after reading this book, I really lived this story, I wrote my own version in Italy, Bali, India, Bahamas, Mexico and many other magical places in this world.

When I was reading it, I often felt like crying, it surfaced repressed emotions and desires, it surfaced my frustration in connection with the life I was living.

I recommend this book for its power to inspire, as well as to plant inside of you the desire to change and explore this planet.

4. The diamond cutter by Geshe Michael Roach

This book is truly fascinating. It is quite difficult to implement in your daily life but will honestly work wonders. What exactly is it about? It’s about the practical side of the Law of attraction, but seen from a more interesting angle. You know that it is said that every action of yours, will return to you at some point? Well, why don’t we use this law consistently? “The diamond cutter” proposes to achieve what we want in our lives, by giving that exact thing to those around us. For example, you want a successful business, then you should offer your help to someone who wants to start a business. And so on. This complex technique was discovered in some very old Buddhist scriptures, and is now updated for the social life of our century. Reading the book is only 40% of the effort that must we make to implement these techniques and exercises, but I think it’s worth it.

5. The law of attraction – the teachings of Abraham


This was the first “new age” or “spiritual” piece that I received. Talking about the law of attraction, about how we create our reality and how we can take control of our own lives. I haven’t read it in a long time, but I think it’s a very good reading for someone at the beginning of his / her path of self-discovery.

6. Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

These books have changed hundreds of thousands of lives, all over the world. These books make you think that now you understand the meaning of life, you understand the Universe, you understand everything. And it may be so, but most of the time, it’s hard to maintain that state of mind. These are the next step, or may even replace the famous book “The Secret”. It’s a new perspective on everything related to life, the Universe and God. I warmly recommend you to give these books either to yourself, or to your loved ones. Thus, you will give an opportunity and a changed life.

7. This Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

All the spiritual philosophies and all books listed above, try to make us to feel and to feed with the power of the present moment. Well, this book is born from the desire to awaken that consciousness in the reader, that state and that understanding of the moment of NOW – living in the present, not in our mind, not in the past, nor in the future. Life is happening now. This book is composed of short inspirational paragraphs that explain this state. It is a book that can be read thousands of times and will still have a magical effect on us.

Through this article I feel that I’ve offered the most important techniques through which you can begin or expand this awesome process of self-discovery and personal development. As you know, this is my desire, to inspire and offer ways in which to materialize a magical reality, a life exactly the way we want. Whether we want a family, to explore the world, to live wonderful experiences, or all of these put together. We are on this Earth to experience, to rejoice and to love, but it all starts from within, and the connection between the interior and the outside world is the mind. Through our mind we perceive almost everything, this is why I encourage you to take control as soon as possible and perceive your life in a much better light.


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