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What if We Didn’t Take our Thoughts so Seriously?

We would be free … We would be able to live in the present, enjoy life at a higher intensity, without having to be busy and scared of the reality from our minds. We would feel relief, we would be free of that mental and emotional weight that our negative thoughts put on us. We […]

I Meditated for 10 Days With His Holiness The Dalai Lama | What Did I Learn?

This is probably one of the most spontaneous and magical experiences of my life. This time last year I was in Bodh Gaya, in the poorest Indian state, surrounded by about 300,000 Tibetan and Buddhist monks listening to a meditation guided by the Dalai Lama himself.   I say spontaneous because everything happened totally unexpected, […]

Life Happens While We Are Busy Coping With The Reality In Our Head

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans – John Lennon I’ve slightly changed this well-known phrase from John Lennon and I’ve extracted it from a profound feeling with which I cope every day. What is reality? It is the sum of our perceptions in relation to external stimuli. We experience reality […]

Women and the Emotional Rollercoaster known as PMS – How to Find Balance !

For women only! I, for one, have had it! For more than a decade I have been working on myself, my emotions, my fears, the stress I put up with and, of course, my agitated mind. I have managed to bring them to a point of balance. But right before that time of the month, […]

You Don’t Attract What You Think, You Attract What You Are! Chit-Chat at the Beauty Parlour

If you live in these times, you couldn’t have avoided the “spiritual trends” and all these ideas and occasional discussions about energies, positive thinking, synchronicity and many others. Out of all these “spiritual laws” about which it’s cool to talk, probably the most renowned is “you attract what you think about”. Don’t get me wrong, […]

What is Yoga – My life Before and After

What exactly is Yoga? I know that more and more people want to learn more about this path, because in today’s society a practice of relaxation and stilling of the mind is increasingly more necessary. But most of the time we don’t know where to start. The outside world, today’s society, is the reflection of […]

My Answer to the Question: How Can I Do What You Are Doing?

Wow, how many times I‘ve been asked this question … Now I will give a general answer, because very often I was reluctant to respond to this somewhat uncomfortable question. Why does it seem uncomfortable? Because it’s like asking how can I be YOU?! Friends and readers have contacted me so many times wanting to […]

7 Steps to Raise Money for Travelling

Travel piggy bank “Where did you get the money to travel?” I get this question very often and I always encourage people to stop getting caught-up in this first hurdle, stop being afraid of needing money. I understand the question and the moments of panic in which we have too little money. Everything connects when […]

This Summer’s Exotic Dream: Greece – Santorini and Paros

I admit it! I avoided this destination until the age of 28. I have traveled around the globe, though I only arrived in Greece this year for the first time. Why? Because something inside me thought that it’s trivial, easily accessible and that it won’t provide outstanding experiences. But fortunately I was sorely mistaken … […]

7 Books That Transformed My Life

How did I get to where I am now? How did I get to travel all over the world, to guide people in their spiritual experiences and to live my dream? How did I arrive in this point, given that three years ago I was afraid to go up to the corner of the street? […]

The Path to Our True Self – An Idea That Changed My Life

As soon as you start asking yourself questions about life and death, about the soul and about the nature of thoughts, you enter into an unknown vortex, but at the same time a desire is born, the desire to find out who you really are, the desire to reach the essence, the desire to be […]

How To Create An Ideal Life – 5 Rules of The Law of Attraction

How do we become the mages of our own reality?  I believe I found my answer to the question “What is our purpose in this lifetime?”. I hope you noticed the emphasis on MY (answer). Since the most important gift in this lifetime is free will, I leave each and one of you to discover […]

How To Fulfill Your Dream of Traveling Without Stressing About Money

How to fulfill your dream of traveling without stressing about money We all have a destination etched into mind, where we wish we would go to, either after seeing a movie that made us dream, a book we read that inspired us, photos or a conversation with a friend. An idea suddenly resonates with us, […]

Why I Chose To Spend My Life Travelling

Because this is how I feel alive … Plain and simple! I’ve been travelling a lot ever since I was a little girl, along with my family. The first time I left the country I was 7 and later on, I was already going to camps on my own. Though, my journeys got a whole […]

How I returned after 30 days of spiritual army in Bahamas

The road to self-discovery is not packed only with jasmine flowers, crystals and incense perfume. Sometimes, in order to remove a layer of preconceptions and useless identifications, we must dis-habituate the mind and the ego through exercises and intense practices, for a long period of time. An ounce of practice is worth a ton of […]

Diary of a spiritual experience in Bahamas – Week two

As you know, I am at the Sivananda Shrine in Bahamas – place where I am studying for the 500-hours yoga instructor certification. It is a very intense mental, emotional and physical experience. In this article, I will share with you my weekly diary. I am in an exotic paradise where I am forced to […]

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