Emotional and Physical Detox – Erandia Marari Ayurveda Resort Kerala

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Emotional and Physical Detox – Erandia Marari Ayurveda Resort Kerala

When I arrived here, I was a mess. I am always saying that a big transformation or a big evolution, comes with a period of chaos, emotional chaos, before peace, there is transformation, and sometimes transformation comes with suffering.


This article is about the place that offered me the perfect environment for my emotional healing, and a process of getting over the past and living the wonderful present. I can’t put into words how grateful I am that I have spent this difficult week here, in the place that has made me feel more cherished and more pampered than ever, through a stunning environment, undivided attention, and a complex pampering through yoga, meditation, ayurvedic diet and treatments.


Erandia Marari is an Ayurvedic Beach Resort near Alleppey, Kerala, South India. As they like to call it, a barefoot resort. Because here, everything is about natural luxury, and conscious healthy living.

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Barefoot – Cat Friendly – Ayurveda Resort – ¬†the perfect environment to get over a break-up ūüôā

When I first stepped foot into the compound, I felt instantly that the Universe was rewarding me, and telling me, look, you are on the right path, there are wonders waiting for you at each step, even though sometimes you suffer in order to let things go. So after an emotional trip to get here, I was mesmerised by this piece of Heaven, this perfect, intimate beach resort where I was going to spend quality time for MySelf.

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The accommodation is in spacious¬†bungalows , modern looking but also beautifully integrated with the surrounding nature, with an outside bathroom that amazes me every time I am taking a shower, and a large surrounding veranda. ¬†All of this was mine to enjoy, I couldn’t believe.



The bed is for two, the black stone floor is making a luxurious and modern statement, the big dressing is extremely useful, and the surrounding veranda is the place where I am spending most of my time. This veranda is enclosed with wooden doors that can be opened in order to enjoy the view.What view? Well a white/yellow sand beach and the beautiful Arabian Sea, that is only 20 meters away from the bungalow.

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Everywhere around the room you can find small details that make you feel so special, like incense, hot herbal water, flowers, a bag that you can use around the resort, aromatic oils, and other small things like these that are making your stay carefree.

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Erandia’s private beach and compound is only 100 meters long, with only 13 bungalows, a restaurant, a small reception, a yoga shala and the Ayurveda clinic. That’s why the experience here is so exclusive, so personal, so unique.


What do I mean through a very personal and exclusive experience? Let me explain further. First of all, everyone comes here for one of the following reasons: either for a deep relaxation, for a healthy detox or diet, or to find an inner balance for the body, mind and spirit. And because the resort is so exclusive, each person gets personal and individually tailored services to help in this process.

Each guest here, begins his or her stay, with a consultation from the lovely Ayurveda Dr M. I was quite anxious at the beginning, because like many other people, I don’t like the word “doctor”, but after I saw how natural and relaxing is an ayurvedic consultation, I fell in love with this practice.


I was given a set of questions, that were related to anything from place of birth, to reactions in certain situations. After a heart rate¬†check and joints mobility check, I was free, and I was given a certain Ayurvedic result, I am a Vatta Pyta individual. At that moment I had no idea what it meant, but it didn’t matter. They found out what kind of energies they have to balance, so a personal diet was created and also a special treatment scedule for the whole stay. ¬†From this moment on, I became one of their patients, but patient has also a strange connotation, here, you feel more like a princess ūüôā



Ayurveda is a very complex philosophy, at least 3000 years old, that is using natural gifts from the Earth, in order to balance our inner and outer energies. Ayurveda defines ayu, or life, as the intelligent coordination of the four parts of life: atma (soul), manas (the mind), indriyas (the senses) and sharira (the body). Each of these four aspects has specific functions which contribute to the wholeness we experience as life, and Ayurveda focuses on maintaining a balanced, integrated relationship among them.



The daily treatment at Erandia Marari, consists in two hours of pure magic for your body. Two hours of extreme pampering and pleasure.

Two wonderful therapists are taking care of me and my body for the whole length of my stay, so I have already developed a very special connection with them. I never knew anything about Ayurveda or the ayurvedic treatments, but from the moment in which these two ladies started the therapy, I was blown away with the beauty and charm of this magical science.


First of all, each session starts with a prayer in sanskrit chanted by the therapists, that sounds divine, I had goose bumps the whole time. I understood that the prayer is for God Dhanvantari, God of Ayurveda, through which they are asking for guidance and healing energy. After that a small altar is prepared, with fire and flowers, a special enchanted oil is placed on the main chakras but also on the palms and feet.





And from that moment on, the best massage experience begins. Starting with the head, back, then the whole body. And the best part? The oil in ayurveda, the main ingredient for healing and balancing, is very thick, looks like gold and smells amazing. The second best thing? Both of the therapists are massaging ¬†the body with synchronised movements, both sides at once. After the massage, there is always something else, like sinus cleansing with herbal drops, a facial, or special treatments like Shirodhara or¬†Pinda Swedana . Each of these feel amazing for the body, but they also have a much deeper meaning and goal, foe example Shirodhara, is the process of pouring warm oil on the forehead, it’s very relaxing bur it’s also calming the whole nervous system.



After the two hour treatment, I am guided slowly, by the hand, by one of the therapists, in the relaxation area, where I am meditating or even sleeping. After this, I am taking a long shower to clean all the oil, that is making wonders for my skin and hair. After this shower, I feel like a newborn baby. After the whole process, some powders are placed on the forehead and on the crown chakra, and then I am enjoying a warm herbal water or a fresh coconut.



The teatment continues¬†with the internal administration, each evening two therapists are preparing¬†me the ¬†herbal pills, creams or different ayurvedic medication. Each one smells amazing and the taste is not bad at all. It’s so interesting to see that they have something for everything. For example one evening, I was having a headache, I told that to someone from the staff when they asked me how is my evening, so in 10 minutes they brought me a magical herbal paste that I had to put on my forehead. Headache gone. The same case was when I had restless feet one night. Again the problem was solved with a cream. I think that Mother Nature is so generous with us, we just have to know how to respect her and she is offering wonderful gifts.



The next ingredient of this healthy lifestyle, is the diet. A healthy Ayurvedic diet.

The three meals per day are vegetarian, and each guest has a specially created menu, with two or three courses. The food is very complex, nutritious and tasty. Every time, I am fascinated by the different combinations between the fruits and vegetables with very important nutritional qualities.


The most used ingredients are: coconut, beetroot, spinach, lentils, green peas, red spinach, pumpkin, mango and papaya.

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I am enjoying the fact that I don’t have to take any decision. I eat what I get and I am loving it every time. The restaurant staff knows each guest’s name, and they are very interested in everyone’e wellbeing, they are engaging in friendly conversation, and if they see that you are not pleased with something, they will immediately fix the problem. For example, I don’t like spicy food, and when they saw that I didn’t finish my plate, they were so concerned that I couldn’t lie, like I do most of he times in restaurants. So they immediately went to the kitchen and brought me the same dish but non spicy. And why this is impressive? Because in this  place, they cook one plate at a time, for each and every individual, depending on their dosha ( energetical constitution).

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Each day¬†has a specific herbal water, that you can also¬†take it to your room, it’s available all over the resort, at any time. My favourite water is the cinnamon one, and also the vetiver one. In Ayurveda, hot herbal water is replacing the green or black tea.

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Most of the times I challenge myself to eat alone and to be totally present, but if I am in a social mood, I choose to eat with one of the other guests, other solo travellers or couples. It’s a wonderful way to meet beautiful people and to listen to wonderful stories.

Besides eating three times a day and enjoying a two hours massage, you cad also participate to special events like : Introduction in Ayurveda Workshop, or an Ayurvedic Cooking Class.


The last but not least important point of the day, the two daily yoga classes, that are moving the new fresh energy around the body, stretching every muscle and joint, in order to integrate all the benefits of the treatments.


The first class is at 7 am and the second¬†one is at sunset. Hatha yoga with a perfect view. A lot of times during ¬†Sun Salutation, I spotted dolphins. Surreal, practicing¬†yoga in India, watching an amazing sunset over the Arabian sea, and being surprised by playing dolphins. That’s what I call a good yoga class ūüėõ



If there is any time left between all these wonderful activities, I am spending it meditating, reading, writing, or just relaxing at the pool or in one of the amazing hammocks around the resort.


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I can’t explain how grateful I am for this week in this magical place, this week of healing, in a perfect environment in which I can go through a deep emotional process, in order to get over the unpleasant events that happened recently. I learned here how to let my emotions flow through my body, and to eliminate them as the body eliminates toxins each day. I have surrendered in the hands of the therapists that are moving and caressing the physical but also subtle parts of my body. I am here now and I am grateful for this process, because when I will leave, I will be different.


 Travel the World Outside, to Discover the World Inside







  • My Exotic Dream was invited as a guest at Erandia Marari and this is a subjective point of view. All the statements¬†are true but personal.


I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around


  • Georgia

    This place looks magical- you described everything beautifully and your photos are stunning! What a great experience – Georgia


    March 26, 2016 at 2:24 pm
  • Cathy

    Sounds like a heavenly trip! I had my first Ayurvedic massage recently, incredible experience.

    March 27, 2016 at 6:26 pm