A Dreamer Painting in Bali

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A Dreamer Painting in Bali

  Finally the Dreamers project has started. I know that, when I was back home and dreaming about moving in an exotic location, I was asking everyone who already lived that experience: BUT HOW?! Let’s receive some answers . . .

Now, I am living in Bali, and I have started this blog category in order to share inspirational and practical information from people that have achieved their travel goals and dreams.

This story is about Oana, a Romanian dreamer that has moved to Bali four years ago. She arrived here with the dream of  living a more creative and artistic life. She is one of the first Romanians that has moved on this magical island, so whenever we need some insights about this place, she is our to go person:)


There are no mistakes, only lessons……really! 🙂 I would not change a thing. I used to think I would have probably spend my money wiser than I did, but then I probably would have not enjoyed or discover what I did, so I think it was all worthy. Money comes and goes.


1.What is your name?

Oana (Oanameans is my artist name)


2. Which country are you currently living (or travelling) in? How long have you been there?

Bali, 4 years now


3. Where are you originally from?

Romania. I lived for about 10 years in Amsterdam before I moved to Bali.


4. What desire initially pushed you to begin a life of travelling?

Love brought me first to Amsterdam. My partner was from there and after living together for a while in Romania, we decided to move to Amsterdam.

I never felt settled in Amsterdam and felt there is something more for me to explore in the world. I wanted to go somewhere with warm weather and lots of colors. Bali was just that place and still is!


5. When you first moved abroad, how did you manage (financially and practically) to make the move?

I was lucky enough to find a job in Bali. I think I wanted so much to live here that the Universe just worked it’s magic 🙂 Later on, I stopped working and decided to dedicate time to art. Through the years I lived on and off from savings and online projects.


 6. How easy is it for an expat to move to the current country you reside in?   (Visa, Acceptance by locals, Budget) ?

I think it used to be easier to come and live in Bali. Apart from the fact that prices have gone up pretty fast in the last 2 years, the visa system has also changed and it is a bit more difficult to live here on a longer period, not impossible though.

Locals are great in terms of acceptance; I think they have been taken also by the wave of quick changes without having much time to think. Regardless the fact that tourism is their main source of income, they are great and welcoming people.

I would probably say I need about 800 usd /month to cover my costs of living and have bit of fun and yoga (including my 2 dogs 🙂 I am lucky to have found an affordable accommodation (around 350 usd/month) given that I am renting the house on long term. I live a simple life I would say, but even so, as an expat would be difficult to live with less that 750-800 usd/month, unless you are sharing the house and eat only in local warungs.


7. What was your occupation when you first moved to a new destination? How were you earning your living?

In Amsterdam I was working as Operations and Planning Manager for Tommy Hilfiger. I did save up quite some money so when I left I had about 20.000 euros, which I don’t have anymore, but I would not change a thing about it! 🙂

When I arrived in Bali, I was hired as Yoga Studio Manager for a new studio  which was just opening in Ubud/Bali.


8. What is your current occupation?

Now, I am focusing my energy on my art.


9. Did you make any mistakes when you first moved abroad? If so, what would you do differently?

There are no mistakes, only lessons……really! 🙂 I would not change a thing. I used to think I would have probably spend my money wiser than I did, but then I probably would have not enjoyed or discover what I did, so I think it was all worthy. Money comes and goes.


10. What is the best advice you can give to other dreamers who want to move (or to travel) to an exotic place?

Get your vaccines done! (Only the mandatory ones)

Do your home-work so that you don’t land in a totally lost place (unless you want to), but don’t overdue them, so you can be spontaneous too. Get there and then explore by foot and get to know the locals. I guess this applies for any place.

Stay for a while, don’t move too quick. Give the place the time to get under your skin….or not 🙂

I guess this applies for any places, not just exotic destinations.

Be excited about discovering an exotic place and don’t think about the bugs and the creatures living with you. Think of living in an exotic country as a way to get close and connect with the nature, as a way to get back in touch with your nature inside, with all your senses as they will get awaken. Everything is so potent in such a place, anything can be cultivated and can grow.

Be aware of the local culture. Such places seem to have quite some differences with the western mentality, especially Asia. Read about it at least to not offend at the beginning, until you get to know the traditions from inside.



You can see Oana’s Art Here:







Thank you, Dreamer


If you have a similar story and you will like to share it with us, pleas contact me.

Dreamers project has the aim to inspire people that want to change their life, and to travel around the world move in an exotic destination.



I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around