Pampering for my Body, Mind and Heart @ Taksu, Ubud

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Pampering for my Body, Mind and Heart @ Taksu, Ubud

It’s my first Valentine’s as a single person. The pain comes from the fact that the split happened very recently, like 5 days ago. I will talk about this in a future article, when I will let you know about my plans for my next trip in India and The Maldives. A journey for the spirit, but also for a broken heart:)

Luckly, I am still in Bali, the Island of Gods and the Island of the Dreamers, so I could easily find a very special distraction for the day – A perfect day experience at Taksu in Ubud.



Taksu, in balinese, means “the indescribable essence of spirit” and it’s the term used for the supreme consciousness inside us, and outside, that our human mind can not comprehend, but that we can feel. 


The whole space is like a oasis of peace, in a very mindful but luxurious way. This location is implementing innovative ways to be more sustainable, in the same time sustaining and encouraging the community to be part of this project, and to live a more conscious and healthy life. Their new concept is focusing more on teachings, encouraging their guests to travel with the goal of gaining more than just a sleep-food-visit experience.

I have been here before,Taksu being one of the places to go in Ubud for workshops and yoga classes. But this time, I needed something different, I needed to feel taken care of and to experience a real balinese pampering.



The trip towards the day spa is like a journey into a fantasy land, with giant trees, altars and pink vines.



And yes, these are real!!! How amazing is Mother Nature?!

This magic tree has transported me into a different reality, an Avatar like reality.IMG_2463

After I have calmed my excitement, I arrived in the spa compound, where different small stone buildings and pools were arranged is such a way, that you could feel like a greek Goddess in her own Palace.


I was welcomed by a lovely Spa Therapist, with the most calming energy. That’s why I loved that experience so much, she was channeling a very beautiful and relaxing energy, and she also knew how to share it through a conscious massage.

I started thinking about the importance of the state and the awareness of the massage therapist. In Bali, like in many other places, these wonderful people are aware of the importance of the kind of energy that they are transmitting to the body of the client. This beautiful girl knew how to caress and how to share with me this conscious act of giving.


IMG_2394I started also thinking about what makes us enjoy a spa experience so much, is it just the massage? Or is it a state of mind, a state of surrendering?! I know this is my biggest struggle, but with the greatest result. The first 15 minutes from a massage, are for me to get in a relaxed state of mind, and only after I can surrender. For 60 or 90 minutes, I don’t have to plan anything, I don’t have to stress about anything, I don’t have to really think. It’s like meditation, but way easier to do:) I think that’s why we enjoy it so much, it’s a period of time in which we just surrender to the feeling, to the experience, to the idea that we deserve that time, just for us, just to let go.


After two hours of a very beautiful massage, a full body scrub and a body mask, I have enjoyed a flower bath that has helped to deepen even more in this relaxed and blissful state.

My journey back to the restaurant was even more magical, because this time, my senses were all in full capacity, and I was again mesmerised by this tree and by the perfect bond between Taksu as a location, and the luxuriant nature.



The next chapter of the story was the organic Restaurant. I enjoyed Fresh, the top floor restaurant, where I had the chance to meet theChef Arif who is also offering raw food classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. He has explained me a few things about their organic ingredients that are cultivated right there, in the innovative aquaponic gardens.


What I love most about Ubud, is that you can really enjoy being a vegetarian, and places like this are making it a very complex and wonderful experience.

I chose a macrobiotic plate, a combination of organic ingredients that are a mix between a daily need of proteins, vitamins, fibers and healthy fats. Simply Delicious! The drink I choose was a banana, blueberry and almond smoothie. Yum!


I am grateful that even though I am going through this situation, the Universe is showing me how lucky I am every day, and that I am really living my dream, the exotic dream 🙂


Sometimes we need quality time just for us, to sit still with our own thoughts and emotions, but in the same time to be pampered. It’s easier this way to get in a calm and more optimistic state of mind, especially is you are going through a difficult process.





I believe in a perfect life, a magical life, searching and finding beauty and energy in everything around

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  • Ivy

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We’ll be going to Ubud in May and are having a hard time deciding which spa to visit given the limited time we have. Looks like this Avatar lookalike is a winner!

    February 23, 2016 at 6:49 pm