Why do we love to travel?

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Why do we love to travel?

When you ask the question: “Which are your passions?” Maybe 90% of the people will include in their answer ” Travelling”. Isn’t that true? It’s one of the few wishes that we have in common as human beings, apart from being healthy and loved.

Even if you are going to the psychologist or you are doing some sort of a new age meditation, you are asked to imagine the perfect environment in which you are feeling happy and relaxed. In most of the cases this visualization ends up on a beach or in a perfect exotic location, no?:))


 I am truly fascinated with this subject and I thought we should discuss it. What makes us so excited about travelling? And what makes us think that a travelling life is only a dream ?

Let me tell you something that happens to me every time someone asks me what are my goals. Everyone knows about me that I own a clothing brand but they can see clearly that I am not excited about that. So when they ask me what I want do do in my near future, I answer them: “I want to travel”. Every case is the same: they start smiling skeptically and they say ” We all do:)) “. And why don’t you??!!

Why don’t we travel more if this is one of our greatest desires? I have decided to live exactly how I wish, even if maybe sometimes means more work. But  I will tell you more about this road some other time.

I want to see where this pleasure of travelling comes from? From the inside or the outside? From the mind or from the soul? Perhaps both . . .

I will present some possibilities, which are true for me:

1. Breaking the monotony.  A holiday is in fact a break from our usual day to day lives.  Most of us get stuck in routine trying to deal with every day’s tasks. My actions for each day are very complex, from writing to designing and selling, but I often realise that I am doing all of this in a routine.

2. The desire for something new. And no, it’s not the same thing as the idea above. Here I want to speak about the state of our mind and of our soul when we experience something new. Something out of the ordinary for them. In that moment, the mind has no time to get to the old thought patterns. When we are in a new space, we are present, excited, curious, we are as we should be each and every day. This desire of “New” comes from the inside, and often makes us change something into our every day lives, or makes us leaving everything and travelling the world:)

3. A different level of experiencing life. This point is the most important for me, but it is also the most difficult one one to put into words.  It is somehow related to the “new” factor but also to the variety of experiences you can live when you are in a new space. At home, I know most of the streets, the stores, activities, of course I can meet new people but somehow it is not something out of the ordinary. When I travel, I feel that I can live a new life, in a new space with a whole new vibe. For instance, if I am moving to Sicily, perhaps I will become a romantic, tasting wine and pasta, walking along the coast and enjoying each moment of it. Here I am a business woman who tries to make it all work. In Bali, I am a Yogi, enjoying life and the nature’s beauty. Do you understand the idea?

4. Curiosity. Many people want to discover ,they are curious about the new culture, history . Most of the time, these persons have on their bucket list these destinations: China, Peru, India, Japan, Laos, Egipt, places with a big spiritual and cultural inheritance.

5. A beautiful experience with someone we love. When we travel with someone close, we get to know all their good parts but also the not so good ones:) We step out of our comfort zone and we interact with each other’s fears but also with each other’s strong points. We can also fall in love all over again:)

6.  A beautiful experience with ourselves. This is one of the best;) If you travel alone you get to know yourself, to know your limits, and most of the time, these limits are way further than you imagined.  You also can change, you can be whoever you want. I was discussing with a friend this interesting topic. In your usual group of people, you can not change too much, why? Because they can not see it. Even if you have gone onto a road of changing some old patterns, most of you close ones will not perceive it, because they see you as they are used to see you. When travelling alone, you can be that person that you wish to be, the new and improved you. And the new people you will meet, will see you exactly as that. Unfortunately, a lot of people see themselves as they are seen by the ones around them. Fortunately, more and more are travelling the world to rediscover their true selves.

7. Relaxation.  A lot of persons are desiring to travel, to achieve relaxation. They are linking directly a holiday with time for them, out of the normal life, just to relax. They are leaving to a place where worries can not follow them.

8. Wanderlust. Yes, it has been discovered that it is in our genes. Some of us have this desire to travel from our migrator ancestors:) This gene is called DRD4-7R and it is said that it can give the following adverse effects : desire of something new, curiosity, wanderlust, optimism, a strong desire to experience life. More about this study here >>>http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2013/01/125-restless-genes/dobbs-text

9. A beautiful dream. For example, my beautiful travelling dream is to get to the Maldives. It is not related to any of the points above, it is simply a dream of mine to get there. Just for it’s beauty. . . 

10. The attraction of beauty and happiness. This point is included in all of the ones above but it is also the most important one by itself. In my opinion, our soul makes us to be attracted by beauty. Walking into a new, beautiful space, which is exciting all of our senses, will make us happy. And we are seekers of happiness. Maybe travelling is only our desire to find true bliss, happiness.

Can you tell me why do yo love to travel? Maybe you can put it in just one simple word and it will be more relevant than all this article.


Travel the world outside to discover the world inside.