A Dreamer Living in Sri Lanka

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A Dreamer Living in Sri Lanka

  Finally the Dreamers project has started. I know that, when I was back home and dreaming about moving in an exotic location, I was asking everyone who already lived that experience: BUT HOW?! Let’s receive some answers . . .

  Now, I am living in Bali, and I have started this blog category in order to share inspirational and practical information from people that have achieved their travel goals and dreams.

  The first story, is about a Dreamer that is living a healthy lifestyle, but he is also inspiring others to do so.  He is currently living in Sri Lanka, the perfect place for a fruitarian. Now that’s what I call a change of scenery. Enjoy!


“I walk instead of taking tuk tuks, I take the bus instead of taxi, I eat only fruits and my idea of party is meditation in a nice setting.”


1. What is your name?

Călin (aka Cyfer, aka Haplea Fructaliu, aka Frugivore Nomad)


2. Which country are you currently living (or travelling) in? How long have you been there?

Sri Lanka (1 month)


3. Where are you originally from?



4. What desire initially pushed you to begin a life of travelling?

I became raw vegan, high carb frugivore and for this life style, living at the tropics is the best.


5. When you first moved abroad, how did you manage (financially and practically) to make the move?

I’ve sold all the stuff I didn’t need and became a mnmlst. That also provided the money for my first trip to South East Asia.


6. How easy is it for an expat to move to the current country you reside in?   (Visa, Acceptance by locals, Budget) ?

In Sri Lanka you get one month visa on arrival, which you can extend for another 2 months, for 30$-200$ depending on your nationality. Also I’ve heard that you can extended for another 3 months. The locals are very friendly and helpful towards the foreigners. Your needed budget will vary depending on your needs and your ability to negotiate.


7. What was your occupation when you first moved to a new destination? How were you earning your living? Did your occupation involved travelling?

 I’m a musician. My occupation did involve a lot of travelling, but only in my country and around it.


8. What is your current occupation?

I’m still a musician, but I am also a health coach (nutrition, meditation, yoga, fitness, lifestyle), online marketing advisor (online branding, social media, blogs, video, seo)


9. Can you tell us a basic budget that you need for a month of accommodation, food and transportation at your current location?

I need around 4000$ / 3 months of Sri Lankan adventure. But don’t forget I am a minimalist. I walk instead of taking tuk tuks, I take the bus instead of taxi, I eat only fruits and my idea of party is meditation in a nice setting.


10. Did you make any mistakes when you first moved abroad? If so, what would you do differently?

Not really mistakes, but sometimes I didn’t research the real prices enough and I was paying too much for different items of services.


11. What is the best advice you can give to other dreamers who want to move (or to travel) to an exotic place?

Be mindful, accept what you see and what is happening to you. Do not judge. Try to understand the locals and their ways. Do not compare their life with yours. Breath, salute the Sun, eat sweet fruits and be happy.


 Thank you, Dreamer

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